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    Miami used to be a job that coaches used to catapult themselves into nationally known coaches. When was the last time we could say that? Randy Walker. Hoeppner was decent but nothing special 
    I wonder if there were other factors at play that kept Hoeppner from completing a turnaround at IU and becoming "nationally known."  Like, I dunno, maybe he got brain cancer and died before his work was done? 

    having attended from 99-2003, what I felt about Hoeppner's teams was a strong sense of competence.  I felt they could win every game.  That they didn't was not, that I could recall, a reflection of a team that didn't always leave it on the field.  Other teams would beat Miami.  Rarely would Miami beat itself. 
    imo, that kind of coaching competence is much more than decent.  I think he would have done good work at Indiana.  He had already started it -- Indiana was becoming a tough out. 

    Coach Hep was an awesome coach - great as an assistant and as a head coach.
    He made us work hard, but also he was an overall constructively positive coach.
    We learned from mistakes as a team. He helped rebuild Miami with Walker.
    Love and Honor!
  • Buckeyewire take on Miami

    "The Redhawks do get a pretty guaranteed win in Week 2 against Tennessee Tech, but nothing else will be close."

    Yeah ...., I watched UC vs UCLA (a really weak team) , and was not impressed at all with UC's  performance. If we play like we did against Iowa, minus the silly mistakes we made, and yes we can beat them.

    UC's team speed will be a problem, plus they are very physical, plus that stadium is a very tough place for a visiting team as the fan's are very close and all around you and loud.  We did not score a point against that D last year.  We would have to execute at a very high level for the entire game, not half a game like we have against Iowa and late last year vs Army and Ohio.

    If Miami brings 1st 3 quarters against Iowa and 2nd half against Army, they will crush UC. UC is very good, but that stadium is not nearly as tough as Iowa. Last year’s weather was an anomaly as Nescadad noted above. I expect a 56-7 game against TTech and then our bell back the following game. Glasses full!
    (Wishing UC a big upset against OSU this week.)
  • Miami Two Deep Iowa

    Last time we player there mistakes in the first quarter gave Iowa a bunch of easy points.  A key to staying in the game is no turnovers and few penalties, make every offensive possession end in a kick, and then make them have a long drive in order to score.

    We need to be totally mistake free like Army, Navy, and Air Force. Agree that discipline is key. Coaching is a big piece of this.
    Go MU!
  • Fall Camp 2019

    I just watched the highlights of Hawaii knocking off Arizona.
    I’m ready to see Miami do this against Iowa in the Battle of the Birds.

    It is almost time for Swoop and the Redhawks to scalp Herky and the Hawkeyes.
    Bring on the college football !!!!!!
  • Camp Opened Today!!

    Martin needs to get a glass half full attitude. If he says things that sound like he doesn’t think there are chances to win, then it just trickles down. He needs to learn how to be a better leader. This many years in and he still, most of the time, does not get it.

    I still think we have a chance for a bowl this year if we can get our offense going early and am looking forward to a good season. Let the games begin!