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  • John Shoemaker

    Don't forget Archie Aldridge on those teams as well. Think he was a transfer in and had been Ohio Player of the Year his senior year at Middletown. He was a beat. Looked like a linebacker. 

    John was a really good guy by all counts and so was Randy. Randy, Archie and Bernard would play at Withrow all the time in the spring once season was over. 

    If I remember right John had a Ford Pinto (remember them?) that had vanity plates on it "SHOE".

    Bit of a chuckler isn't it? A PINTO with vanity plates. 
  • Nice Article and Photo of President Crawford in WSJ

    Mean lookin' dude...no hair I think under the helmet...probably couple "Mom" tats under the Love + Honor shirt....defiantly a biker. 
  • Hustle Belt's Miami Preview

    Who the F is Jordan Martin? Inside joke and I just missed it?

    "Elite signal caller?" Check out Gus's record (quote from another thread)--------- " In games that he both started and finished, Gus is 10-5 at Miami. Take
    out game management blunders by Chuck and that record becomes 13-2.
    That's also not including the Bowling Green game from last year where we
    were ahead when Ragland went out with an injury"

    Think that puts him at 14-1. He's not going to win the Heisman but when he's healthy and on he's fun to watch. Just hope for his health's sake he doesn't run, either by necessity or design, as much this year.

  • Rolling Stones Article on Miami's Esports Team

    I own a sign and graphics business and do grad banners for high school grads. I had a mom come in and her son was going to Miami. (All kids headed to MU get a free Miami logo! ye ha!)

    I asked her what he was going to major in and she said he's going to be an "electronic gaming" major. I'm not a gamer and a 1979 grad so I was kind of "huh?" about the major.  She said Miami has one of the top 5 (maybe top 10? Humm... there more than 11 that offer the major?) electronic gaming
    programs/majors in the country!

    I had no idea there was such a thing.
    Look it up: it's a multi billion dollar worldwide business. You can watch tv and see how big it is. Gaming commercials are everywhere all the time.

    But is it a sport? It's gotta' be a sport man....thumb and hand injuries from over use...jumping around and squirming in on the couch when playing, 12 ounce curls requires collegiate level flexibility, coordination and stamina. Superior hand-eye coordination and more.

    Next men's and women's letter sport at Miami! Love + Honor!
  • Jersey's Announced for Saturday

    I'm an old guy too...'79 and ok with the stupid helmets. If the players like them fine. But then go out and wear the silly things and just win the damn game.

    Looks like we could have a real team this year so focus on the football.

    When the team sucked the diversion of the helmets was something to talk about. If later on this year they're 2-8 then blow the helmet and game day uni's up and make a big (stupid ) deal out of it!  Anything to distract from a disaster of a season.

    Until then, I really don't care what they wear.