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  • 2019-20 Non-Conference Schedule

    Youngstown's coach is a former Bob Huggins assistant and that's like a two hour bus ride for them. You need both special circumstances and a coach like Huggins in order for a game like that to happen.

    Maybe.   But we can surely agree that the statement "
     You won’t find a mid-major school who is hosting a single P6 game this year except Ohio U miraculously." is wrong.  Liking your post does not make the statement accurate.  I don't have time to look at other schedules so we will let it end with this one. 

    and making a claim and then saying you're too intellectually lazy to support said claim doesn't make your claim any more accurate either.

    I am sorry...I am old and slow. I did not mean to make any claims.  Pray tell what claim you are referring to.

    I may be intellectually lazy...but you seem to have a death grip on intellectually stupid.

    Intellectually lazy with poor reading comprehensive skills is no way to go through life son.

    Agreed.  How did you manage to get thru Miami???  Or are you a related to someone who went to Miami.  You have yet to show where I made any claims....but than you are a minion who wants to show how he is poking the evil one.   Minions...  SMH   A fate worse than death.

    Please pack your bags and go back to a real message board not in beta. This forum is way more enjoyable when you are not posting.



  • Women's World Cup

    Rose Lavelle was fantastic. Plays the game a little quicker than everyone else.

    Can her and Pulisic procreate for the good of the next generation of US national teams?
  • Women's World Cup

    Tomorrow’s game could be the most watched women’s game ever in the US...many other countries have broken records throughout tournament in terms of viewership.
    Add it to the list!!!!! @quinoaburger
  • 7 schools to leave WCHA

    Why aren’t we included on that list???

    Our current situation is objectively better than that one. You don't leave the Pac 12 for the Mountain West, after all.
    Why because the conference has better hockey programs?

    Question: does conference affiliation REALLY matter in college hockey? We haven’t had any success since the move, our travel budget has to be through the roof, and we aren’t reaping any extra benefits (TV revenue).
  • 2019 MLB thread

    Now people won’t go to Rays games in two cities instead of one!!!