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  • The Recruiting Account posted a cool little Miami history tribute video today

    I recall the Tomahawk victories over VT and UNC well.

    Unfortunately, the gap has widened significantly and these wins, even if we really get things rolling, will be fewer and fewer. The money difference between the Big Boys and is is huge. We have virtually no chance of ever hiring a coordinator from a P5 school, as they are too expensive. Look at Hoeppner’s staff...no chance anymore.

    I am not so sure that the gap between P5 and the MAC has grown.  It was always big.  But back in the day we were like Boise or BYU or UC are today.  The rest of the MAC were not getting wins like that, just us.  Now the rest of the MAC is getting some good non conference wins, just not us.  This staff has been slow to reach each level of success, but the progress has actually been kind of steady, sometimes the two steps forward, one step backwards kind of progress.  I think that leads me to think that at some point in the next few years we are going to get a few of those wins and beat UC.
    The problem being that I only have a few years left.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers 2020

    The worst roughing the passer call ever leads to the winning FG. The refs are making NFL games unwatchable
  • Game Thread: Battle for the Bell

    That call on 3rd & 6 typifies the Chuck Martin era.
  • University rankings [unrelated to sports]

    Unless your kids are considering going to school overseas this whole discussion seems pointless.
  • 2019 Pittsburgh Steelers Thread

    Repeating...the money factor was huge. There are other factors we don't know about. I wasn't talking about a QB

    Stating the obvious...of course Ben is the leader. He'll make the Hall Of Fame.

    The retiring prediction two years ago? Wow. Don't forget another prediction I made about a player transferring 20 years ago!
    Dick pointed out the idiocy in your “...other factors we don’t know about”, yet you persist. What do you think those “factors” might be?