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  • The Bluffs

    Do students still go to the bluffs?
    No, they go to the golf course.
  • 2020 football schedule released

    Now we’re talking about “easy” games?
  • The CCHA is back!!!

    I have been following this thread and reading both sides of the argument and each has its merits. Someone made the point that the decrease in attendance has resulted in a decline in revenue from ticket sales, concessions etc. The only way to goose that revenue stream is to win.

    What if, as @DICK suggests, we improve but still can’t win big because of the strength of the NCHC? What good is it being the Rutgers of the NCHC? Would attendance and enthusiasm return with a team that wins, even in a lesser conference?
  • Fire Chuck Martin

    The guy is not a competent head coach if he doesn’t understand kicking a field goal with 3 1/2 minutes left to get you within a touchdown, especially with a defense that is playing well and three timeouts.

    At that point we needed a TD and a FG. Made sense to try to get the more difficult one out of the way when it was 1st and G from the 2. If we were at the 9, it's a different story. Now the playcalling on that sequence can certainly be questioned...

    If he would have attempted a FG there I would have joined the minions in calling for his head.  Only a moron would kick a FG with 4 minutes left needing 2 scores.  IF YOU ARE A HAMMER...EVERYTHING LOOKS LIKE A NAIL.  
    In that situation, when you need two scores, it is imperative to get points on that possession to have any chance to win the game. You can’t come away with nothing. Chuck’s decision on 4th down cost us any chance to win. Ninety-nine of one hundred coaches understand that. We have the one who doesn’t.

  • Joe Horn Made $36 Million During His NFL Career. Wasn't That Enough?

    Not according to the NYPD.