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  • Still Marching with US...the 2017-18 Columbus Blue Jackets Thread

    Since nobody has posted on this since the 3-2 win over Detroit, the Blue Jackets are on an 8 game winning streak.  Winninglast night, in Boston, 5-4 in OT.

    Tonight, at NY Rangers.

    You're learning.
  • NCAA Tournament

    At least we all can rejoice that Ohio State has been eliminated, despite the referees blowing an obvious video review call.

    And at least the Ohio State fans can still root for Michigan and those buzzer-beating B1G bad boys!

  • NCAA Tournament

    At least we all can rejoice that Ohio State has been eliminated, despite the referees blowing an obvious video review call.

  • Trey

    Only college basketball stats I could find:
    -Free throw percentage is at an all time high. Up from 66% in 1993 to 70%

    -Turnovers at an all time low

    -3pt percentage has stayed constant over the years, despite the line being moved back

    I would suspect going from no shot clock, to 45 seconds, to 35 seconds, to 30 seconds has a lot to do with turnovers being down, especially with the prevailing coaching theory to take the first 3 available every possession.

    Smaller shot clock = more possessions = more opportunities for turnovers as the ball changes teams frequently. Faster play should result in more turnovers, but it hasn't because of the skill. You're argument actually works against itself.

    I think you're trying to look for things that at one point we're thought to be skilled but now we know they're stupid shots. Contested layups are bad. Mid-range jumpers are bad. Read the quote from Marshall's coach (we saw what he did).
    No, not really.   Shooting 8 seconds into the shot clock every possession eliminates most opportunities for turnovers.

    So players are literally sprinting down the court and jacking up shots? That would imply poor shot selection. Yet somehow the shooting percentage hasn't changed even though the 3 point line was extended? None of this fits your narrative.

    And what team shoots 8 seconds in? Ringo doesn't cross half court until 22-24 seconds left on the shot clock. We use the whole clock a lot. And Pace wise we're pretty middle of the pack.

    Yes, I've seen a lot of poor shot selection this tournament. In the Ohio State game, South Dakota State was down four with three minutes left and they had three straight positions where they shot quick 3s, as fast as they could heave them up. It was awful. They missed them all.

    Anecdotes aren't facts. You're avoiding the numbers because the facts don't align with the narrative you're trying to build.

    And you never addressed my assertstion that traveling with the basketball helps these guys get shots off quicker. They are playing with different rules today then the lower shooting percentages of 30 years ago. It was harder to get a shot off 30 years ago because of the way traveling was called.

    Except they don't travel. Just because they have a faster first step (and maybe you have a harder time following it) doesn't make it traveling. You can watch clips all day. One step, ball down, back foot up. The refs watch it closely and call it frequently when it happens.

    Let's not make up things to try to fit a round peg into your square narrative. Especially when we see it actively enforced.
    It's not a first step when they don't dribble. Watch when they catch on the perimeter today. Watch which foot hits the floor first, which hits the floor second, and then what they do with the 1st foot without dribbling.

  • NCAA corruption fallout

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    Actually, they didn't get that mean Miller. Miller committed the crime first and then got caught, just like the others mentioned.