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  • Ohio State at Purdue

    The best part about this for Urban is that he will never remember this beatdown because he forgot to take his brain serum again. No one deserves this sort of colossal embarrassment more than this asshole.
    Urb won’t remember because he already erased it off his phone.

  • 2018 Pittsburgh Steelers Thread

    I’d typically go straight to the We Dey but I’d just like to commemorate that this was an actual good football game that was for the most part not marred by cheap shots or horrible calls.

    Unless you don’t count the elbow to Brown’s head by Burfict as AB was already going to the ground. Or Bufict lowering his head and hunting for Ben’s head on the QB sneak. Fortunately , he wiffed.
    Burfict fined $112,000 for his typical asshat actions in the game.

  • Mega Millions lottery

    Elevate women’s hockey to varsity!

    Only if we can get a commit from a certain daughter of a certain MHTer.
    If I make the donation, they will have to take both!

  • Mega Millions lottery

    Elevate women’s hockey to varsity!
  • Barber

    Straying a bit off topic ... Brad Marchand jumped/sucker-punched Lars Eller last night.  Apparently, Marchand was upset because Eller was happy he scored a goal in a blowout and Marchand thought that was worth fighting over.  Eller clearly wanted none of it, but was dragged into it anyway. If the NHL wants to clean up the game, it should be spending a little more time dealing with that kind of BS.  If Eller had accepted the invitation, OK ... but he is not that kind of player.  Marchand is a great player, but he's got a history, much like Wilson.  But at least Wilson's screw-ups come in the context of trying to play the game hard.  Marchand's just an embarrassment.
    You certainly have a unique view of the facts when the Capitals are involved.

    1. It's not a sucker-punch when you push the guy in the chest and then pull his helmet off.  I think you have announced your presence well-enough.

    2.  Eller accepted the invitation:  he was throwing punches, and he got 5 for fighting.

    3.  Wilson's hit wasn't a "screw-up:"  it was intentional illegal hit to the head.  Your continued defense of him is nauseating.

    4.  Marchand is a weirdo and provocateur, but at 5-8 and 185 he gave the 6-2 and 207 Eller a fair chance at defending his stupid goal celly (that made it 7-0) face-to-face.  Wilson is the one who blind-sides people in the head at 25 mph.