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  • Travel note for Saturday: a portion of I-75 south of Ford Field will be closed

    I have used Fort Street many times because it seems like half the summers I-75 is under construction.  There will not be much traffic on Fort street on a Saturday.
    Someone correct me if I'm wrong & this isn't a good idea, but after the game Saturday I plan to:

    1 - Take I-75 from near Ford Field;

    2 - Get off at Clark;

    3 - Take the W Fischer Service Drive;

    4 - Get back on I-75 south at Springwells.

    That takes you directly past Hotel Yorba.
  • Fire Chuck Martin

    For everyone who is excited about Chuck’s great accomplishment of winning the MAC East this year, remember Central was 1-11 last year, 0-8 in the MAC.
  • Student article on Ryan (and Brian) Savage

    I own a game-worn Brian Savage Flyers Jersey, and looking at it today, it might be the one in the picture from the article.
  • Cleveland Browns 2019-2020

    Browns with head shots on Ju-Ju, Dionte, and Rudolph multiple times, including that Felonious Assault at the end. That is the kind of stuff that turns people off from the sport and convinces Mothers to not let their sons play football.

    You’re right, but let’s make sure all stones remain in pockets. Not line the Steelers have always played the right way to help grow the sport.

    Rudolph was pulling on Garrett's helmet and facemask immediately before Garrett went nuts on him.

    And Garrett was doing his best to screw Rudolph into the ground after the tackle late in a 21-7 game. So what?

    There's no so what.  None of the actions that happened in the course of the play are justified.  Rudolph should not be pulling on Garrett's helmet, Garrett should not be ripping off Rudolph's helmet and hitting him with it.  Pouncy should not be kicking Garrett in the head.  It's a very sad display of behavior by all involved.  
    One of these things is not like the others.
  • WHODEY 2019

    A perfect season seems within reach.