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  • 2018 Pittsburgh Steelers Thread

    Didn't get to watch much of the game outside of the last TD. Did see highlights of Burficit...
    you mean "lowlights".  The guy is a clown.
  • 2018 Cradle of Coaches inductees announced

    Great article on Ron Hunter by TOM ARCHDEACON.
  • Coaching Search 2K18

    oh yeah....agree....seems like a tall task to 6-6....and agree that he would be retained....

    retained at 6-6?  I hope not.  Do we really think that 6-6 in Y5 is acceptable?

    I'm not sure Miami gets to 6-6 anyway.  Going 4-2 vs. the remaining schedule seems like a tall task. 

    My prediction:

    Beat Kent (3-4)
    Lose to Army (3-5)
    Lose to Buffalo (3-6)
    Lose to Ohio (3-7)

    Judgement day.
  • Coaching Search 2K18

    UC is a winnable OOC game...Chuck just never does it.

    Look at the UC team last year and the game....look at UC this year and the game....with a coach that most on here think is sub-par (Luke Fickell)...how does that make Chuck "hey let's throw it 50 times in the rain" Martin look? ;-) 

    Martin can't even get a team ready to go for success in year FIVE....Luke Fickell has his team undefeated in year 2.

    This is a moot point.... I don't think anything less than a winning season saves Chuck...unless it's somehow a MACC appearance {L}, then an unlikely BOWL invite and a great performance and/or win.

    He has had five years....and I don't think you'll find one person that would think Miami would be favored over Ohio U in a game, sad.


    I guess the question is what does Miami want in a head football coach.  Does it want someone that will stumble through the non-conference schedule losing games year after year and then be somewhat competitive in the MAC (which other than 1 year, Miami has NOT) ?  If so, then it has its guy right now.

    As Skins says...this is Y5.  What we saw this year in the non-conference schedule is not acceptable.

    2018: Losses to Marshall, Cincinnati and Minnesota (TBD: Army)
    2017: Losses to Marshall, Cincinnati and Notre Dame with a win v. Austin Peay
    2016: Losses to Iowa, Eastern Illinois, Cincinnati and Western Kentucky
    2015: Losses to Losses to Cincinnati, Wisconsin, and Western Kentucky with a win v. Presbyterian
    2014: Losses to Marshall, Eastern Kentucky, Michigan and Cincinnati

    2-17 in non-conference wins over the past 5 years.
    To me that is not acceptable.  This year was no different than prior years.  If non-conference games don't matter than CM is the right coach for Miami.

    MAC record

    2018: 2-1
    2017: 4-4
    2016: 6-2
    2015: 2-6
    2014: 2-6

    Other than the 2016 record, CM has never been over .500.  Not acceptable and the record does not demonstrate that Miami has moved into a top tier of MAC teams. 

    time for this experiment to end.
  • Raise your hand if...

    That’s not how I want my friends treated!

    I just unfollowed him!!!!