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  • BEAT OU!

    BTW...I love Saul Phillips!  I hope OU keeps him awhile.  
  • RIP George Diefenderfer

    George didn't post on MHT but was a life long Miami fan.  George passed on January 31st at the age of 95.  For those of you who had the privilege of meeting George know that he was one of a kind and we are all better people for every encounter we had with him. 

    George was a veteran of the US Armed Forces and served our country in the Navy during the height of WWII spending most of his tie on supply ships that ran missions in the Mediterranean and South Pacific.  He often told people that he was a survivor of the only successful torpedo attack by an Italian submarine.  However, George would later report that his most critical wartime mission was that of delivering 850,000 cases of Schafer's beer from the east coast to our troops in Pearl Harbor.

    I'll miss you George!
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  • Graduating Champions Campaign IN THE BOOKS!!!

    Miami ANNOUNCED today that the ATHLETICS ONLY campaign (Graduating Champions) has surpassed its goal of $80MM!


    Quotes from Miami AD David Sayler:

    "What an awesome accomplishment to surpass our first-ever Athletics-only
    capital campaign goal of $80 million at Miami," Sayler said. "Great
    committee leadership, generous donors and creative vision got us to this
    point. I want to thank our entire ICA fundraising staff, all the staff
    at the Miami University Advancement, and, of course our fantastic

    Upon Sayler's arrival at Miami, he quickly identified significant areas
    of need in facility, scholarship and program support. In the spring of
    2015, when the campaign officially kicked off, he shared this: "Miami is
    nationally recognized for excellence in teaching, academics and a
    top-rated undergraduate experience. Likewise, our athletic programs can
    and should be nationally respected for their ability to win
    championships and graduate scholars and leaders. The Graduating
    Champions Campaign is bringing alumni and friends together to provide
    the facilities and resources needed to meet those goals."

  • The Crawfords

    Students sitting is NOT an usher issue.....entirely  

    The main issue is the lack of a real student section in Millett Hall.  Of course there is some contradiction on the Miami website as to where the student section actually is located:

    1) According to THIS - the 2014-15 Millett Hall guide....still associated with Millett Hall found on the facilities page) the seating map suggests that the student section is found in sections 20, 21 and 22 (BTW...a proportionally large block of seating).  

    2) According to THIS,  the student sections are found in 20 and 21 However, this map also places the Miami band in section 21 and that is no longer correct.

     Miami also occasionally adds temporary bleachers near the visitors bench.  Sometime it is there, sometimes not.  

    The student section - - - listed by Miami in both seating charts are in such a bad location.  It's far away from the action.  It is too big. Unfortunately, under the current court configuration, I'm not sure how many choices Miami has.

    ALSO...The ushers don't direct the students to JUST those sections as students also find their way to sections 17, 18 and 19...and to the occasionally court side bleacher.  As such, students sit in sections 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 and the temporary bleacher.

    The lack of a student dedicated student section directly impacts so many aspects of the atmosphere.  A dedicated student section provides better engagement than what one might found with students sitting throughout the arena.  

    Miami 's messaging is so confusing its no surprise that Millett Hall suffers.  I'm wondering if Miami has anyone designated to Millett Hall for fan (student) engagement

    Miami MUST determine the best student seating section...one that is big enough to accommodate all the students but also one that doesn't separate them into multiple locations (I.e. section 20 AND the temporary bleacher).  After it figures this out, the ushers must then do their job.
  • The Crawfords

    Looking forward to his support when the $1B campus wide capital campaign is announced!!!

    That would be absolutely wonderful. Do it right and build a dedicated BB facility that will serve both men and women's BB and volleyball. Append another student rec center...or something to get a portion of the building state funding to offset construction expenses. Be creative....but now is the time to do it. Interest rates on any debt package are about as low as they'll be so it's a good time to undertake that capital project.

    Yes.  Do it right.  There was some money ($4M or so) set aside for Millett Hall in the GRADUATING CHAMPIONS campaign (building an annex with new locker rooms to the East side of the building) but those changes never happened so it sounds like is is going to happen in the next capital campaign which should be announced soon. 

     CLICK HERE for the 10.19.15 "Ask the AD" segment (3:35 mark) where DS suggests that if they couldn't incorporate any new changes to Millett Hall during the "GRADUATING CHAMPIONS" campaign that he would expect that next campus wide campaign would incorporate an arena in that campaign.  Further, Renmanco, your suggestion about being creative is also discussed by DS as he suggests that a northern rec complex would be a good partner to Millett Hall.

    Also, if you CLICK HERE for the 10.26.16 "Ask the AD" segment (3:41 mark), DS suggests that President Crawford is working on a new or renovated Millett Hall in the next campus wide campaign.