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    VanderSluis, whose coaching background includes runs at IMG Academy in Florida and as an assistant at NDCL, is a graduate of Oak Harbor High School. He served as the Lions' varsity assistant and JV coach during the 2017-18 season......VanderSluis joined IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla., as a coach in 2006. He led the program's prep team to a 26-3 record in 2014 and the semifinals of the national prep school championships. He joined NDCL in 2016 as the freshman coach and resides in Cleveland Heights with his wife, Lacey, and their two children.

  • 2020-21 Roster

    Nickskin, any updates on Nike's pursuit of the NBA?
    all I know is that he's not listed in any mock drafts for both 1st and 2nd round picks.
  • Hockey/Football/Basketball Funding Discussion


    I'm not trying to sell you or anyone that Miami can't win consistently as currently constituted.  If so, I would have turned in my season tickets years ago.  I believe that Charlie Coles stayed at Miami too long and John Cooper was a terrible hire and those two things have caused a lot of losses at Miami and have further diminished the brand.  

    I believe that a solid coach who can recruit and develop players can thrive at Miami relatively speaking.  Miami is the best school in the MAC academically and is ultra-attractive to some high level recruits that could be difference makers.  However, I believe that better institutional support would be of great assistance as I believe that the two work in tandem. 

    My point has been and continues to be that Miami ICA has neglected MBB for decades and that neglect has not helped.  I'm not dwelling on a single past decision.  I'm dwelling on the consistent inaction.  As to your point of "you're not going to get a new building".  Of course I know that.  I know that Miami basketball isn't going to get anything.  Why would it?  Two years ago, DS said that there would be a commitment to MBB but to date there has been nothing.  The last campus wide capital campaign had no $ for basketball, the recent sports-only campaign had $0 for basketball, and it doesn't appear that the next campus wide campaign has any $ for basketball.

    You have a solid argument about the need of a coach to recruit quality players, develop those players and ultimately win games and I share those beliefs.  Miami has fallen short here.

    However, your suggestion regarding facilities and how they don't matter to recruits and the improvements to Millett Hall is a head scratcher. Your summary above failed to mention a few things found in the article including:

    -facilities won't "usually be a reason they say "yes" but a subpar facility is sometimes the reason they say no". 

    In Miami's case, it is a reason why male basketball players say "no".  

    If you're interested in how Miami's peers think about Miami, check out the Jeff Goodman story HERE.   Miami ranks last in the conference in facilities per other MAC coaches (and near last in game atmosphere).  

     So, according to your article about whether facilities really matter, everything is not equal in the MAC.  Of course, the Goodman article also talks about other issues other than facilities and is able to compare Miami's commitment to MBB compared to our peers for budget/resources (10th) and buy games (9th).

     Bottom line:

    1) Miami ICA/BoT have not invested in MBB or those facilities to help it stay competitive;  This is OK with you but it's not OK with me.  You believe that Miami's level of institutional support is appropriate and I do not.  This is where we disagree.

    2) Recent MBB coaches have very poor results and that is not acceptable.  We both agree with this point.
  • Hockey/Football/Basketball Funding Discussion

    Dan suggests that:

    ....basketball has been failing regularly on its own accord. Both in terms of winning games and in convincing anyone (alumni, the department or an impactful number of fans) that investing in their program would lead to a different result. 

    He is clearly just considering the end of the Coles era, the 5 year Cooper reign and the past 2 Jack Owens years.  He forgets that in the 1990's and the 2000's --and--before facilities meant anything to prospective student athletes (please see the old Cincinnati Gardens and Xavier) that Miami MBB was very healthy and was doing very well convincing everyone that investing in the program would help.  However, there was no reinvestment to continue the upward trend. Meanwhile, our peer programs/competitors for players reinvested.   Miami did not.  

    It may surprise folks but I don't blame hockey at all for the slide in MBB.  I blame ICA, the BoT, and former leaders of the University for the decline.  Guys like Joel Maturi and Brad Bates didn't understand the importance of reinvesting in MBB.  I also blame Charlie Coles for allowing the degradation of program.  He simply didn't complain.

    Interestingly, Miami has invested in EVERY OTHER sport: FB, Hockey, Baseball, Softball, Field Hockey, and Tennis (New Soccer Stadium in the works).  Have I left anyone out?  Other than MBB, WBB and VB? Did those remaining programs need to "convince" the athletic department to invest in those programs?  

    How about Megan Duffy and WBB?  Do they now deserve an investment?

  • Hockey Coaching Search Thread

    Sync. Skating has the best chance of ALL Miami sports of winning a national championship.