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  • Joe Palcic leaves for WMU

    culture of champions!
  • Who made Coach Martin MAD? LMAO

    He is an arrogant ass. He insulted the fans. He insulted the league. He insulted his own school that has provided him with every toy a MAC coach could want. I talked at length with another MHTer yesterday, and we both were of the agreement, what he did post game, is enough in and of itself for him to hit the road. We don't need this. We don't need stories in the Cincinnati paper about our coach trashing everything around him. He isn't a winning coach. He hasn't won OOC games. 1 bowl game in 5 years. No MAC championships. He needs to go. Here's your trophy Chuck. It's a pink slip!!

    Further —did he think his comments will help recruiting?
  • Who made Coach Martin MAD? LMAO

    It’s wasn’t hard for fans to see the game unfolding precisely as the one two years ago did. We led Ohio 21-0 at the half and lost it by a FG at the gun. We were razor close to that happening again last night. I think our players simply refused to lose last night. I respect them for that!

    =>Despite all the losing Miami has done in close games the past 2 years, I never felt the game was in jeopardy.  I had perfect confidence Miami was going to win.  It just had that feel to it to me.  I felt that OU was lucky to have got back into the game with the INT and bad snap on the punt.  I did not feel like OU had really taken control of the game or Miami was struggling.  It was odd considering OU was mounting a comeback, but it felt more fluky than legit.
    didn't you love it when CM called that time out at the end of the game thereby giving the ref's the opportunity to review and overturn the call on the illegal forward pass!  Another terrific use of a time out!!!!
  • Raise your hand if...

    That’s not how I want my friends treated!

    I just unfollowed him!!!!
  • Moving on from this one

    Hey....the good news is that Miami HOSTS UC next week.  Another home game!!!