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  • Columbus Blue Jackets 2019-20 Season

    This is fun.
  • Miami vs. Louisiana Game Thread

    Did Chuck snap the ball? I understand wanting to blame him for everything but come on. He had them ready and they played their asses off.

    And if he would have kicked a FG from the one? Chaos on this board. Absolutely the right call.

    He’s won one significant game in 6 years.
    I'm curious which game you are referring to. OU last year, OU this year, or the MAC Championship game? I'd argue every win was significant in 2016 when we we were 6-2 in conference considering where the program was just 3 years prior. I have my gripes with Chuck, but you have to give credit where credit is due.
  • Columbus Blue Jackets 2019-20 Season

    Did they print up shirts that say FIRST PRESEASON GAME WINNER?

    'Sup, Little Brother.

    11 Cups.

    Since March 28, 2012, the Blue Jackets are 19-4-2 against Detroit, including nine wins in the last 10 games.

    20-4-2...this is a bloodbath. Little brother should be relegated to the AHL.

    You gave up 3 goals to #31 in the league.  You should be ashamed!  We count this as a win in the D.

    You count that as a win? Print the shirts!

  • MAC Football Year End Awards

    I hope Sloman gets the opportunity to show why he is the best kicker in the MAC on Saturday
    He did.
  • Who is going Saturday?

    I think Miami has done a lot to try and get people to go this week

    When I think back over the years with Miami football there have been very few times when I was pleasantly surprised with our support/ where our support vastly exceeded my expectations

    1) The 1997 Marshall game.
    2) some BG homecoming game in the late 90s
    3) the Northwestern game in 2003
    4) the first espn2 game with BG in 2003
    5) Buffalo home game in maybe 2005- the only time I think the new student side was ever packed

    I feel like the student side was pretty packed in 2017 vs. UC (puke), but that's also just the most packed I've ever seen it...