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  • This Deserves its Own Thread

    Ohio State may be the best team in the country. I truly believe our players will give it their best on Saturday and for the rest of the season. Frankly I think Chuck Martin and his staff have recruited very well. I love Gabbert and many others on this roster and think the future looks bright. I am excited for the remainder of this season starting on Saturday.

    I realize I will be trashed for these comments because that is the nature of this board. The negativity is astonishing. I almost didn't sign up for an account, and I'm already wondering why I did.

    For the record I am Miami Class of '69 and proud of it. Bo was the Coach when I came to Oxford.

    Last year this team was 6-2 in conference play with wins over Ohio and NIU. If we stay (get) healthy we can do the same thing this year. My 2 cents.
    We didn't even make a bowl game last year, and the future has been looking bright for an awful long time now. Optimism is fine, but many of us are worried that chuck will never make it over the hump, that's all.
  • This Deserves its Own Thread

    If you go back to his opening press conference when he was hired he basically said the same thing. One question from the audience was how would he convince somebody being recruited by Notre Dame to come to Miami and he basically laughed it off and said he wouldnt have a chance. He also talked about 3 divisions of football with Grand Valley- Notre Dame and Miami.

    He also used this same recess quote before the St Petersburg bowl when describing Mississippi State
    I'm honestly fine with him saying this stuff in his opening press conference. Six years down the road without a win over an OOC FBS opponent, and multiple games lost single handedly by himself? nah. There are 127 coaches in FBS I would pick over Chuck Martin. 
  • This Deserves its Own Thread

    Could this one quote tank the season?? What do you do as a current player.  Do you confront him?  Do you play your best football now because you are pissed at him and try to prove him wrong...or is it the opposite and you just go through the motions now because Martin certainly doesn't have your back now.Losses are going to be players' fault, not any coaching mistakes.
    Best case scenario, all the players give up on him, we go 2-6 in the MAC, and this loser is gone by the end of the season.  Worst case scenario, all the players give up on him, we go 2-6 in the MAC, and Mr. Sayler gives him a 5 year extension.  
  • Chuck Martin could learn a thing or two from Mike Leach on how to handle a press conference

  • This Deserves its Own Thread

    This is how I imagine the "meeting" between sayler and Cuck went last year after the OU press conference