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  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Spoke At Miami

    =>Spoke at Miami. I never knew this. Very cool.

  • Miami Ranked Among 50 Top Elite Public Schools

    =>Ohio U. is green with envy. They can suck our large hawks.

  • Bye Bye ESPN3

    Am I wrong to think this is a complete disaster for the MAC?
    =>I would not call it a disaster.  Just have to buy the monthly subscription from September through March I guess.
  • MVC Did It So Why Not The MAC?

    =>Yeah, I don't buy anyone heard of Miami from hauckie.  I frickin' grew up in Butler County and didn't know Miami had hauckie.

    You didn't know about it because your Google searches didn't recognize "Miami hauckie".

    =>Shit. I got nothing.  I just got checkmated by Bash. Remember this day Karl!

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  • Hate, Intolerance, and Bigotry On Campus

    I deleted my post because of the no politics policy, but I do not believe you can properly discuss this topic without getting into national leadership.

    It doesn’t matter who is in national leadership, racism exists in this country, on Miami’s campus and likely every campus in the country. I applaud President Crawford’s efforts to address in the Miami community. Frankly, regardless of what he does, it will not end it completely. But we can make strides, just like we’ve made strides as a nation.
    =>I am not sure what PCrawford can do to this particular student.

    1. Courts hold this student has constitutional right to bigoted hate speech. Therefore, I do not believe that Miami, as a state school, can punish. Nothing can be legally done. https://www.aclu.org/other/speech-campus

    2. On top of that, this "speech" wasn't even done on an official Miami communication medium. The student did this in a non-official Miami group chat. Then the recent bragging about it took place on a hook up app (Tinder). Miami has no control over these mediums.

    3. Finally, the "speech" was done in private group chat initially and the later bragging done in a 1 on 1 chat convo with a woman. The only reason is it went public was other readers took screenshots and passed it around. Even under the broadest view, in no way can this be determined to be "intentionally and effectively provoking a crowd to immediately carry out violent and unlawful action."

    Basically, the President did all he could in stating that Miami does not stand for bigotry.  Finger waiving is all he can do to this student.

    As for other issues like trying to bring in more minorities to campus, the President/Miami could initiate programs to do that obviously, but that is a different than punishing the bigoted speaker.