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  • Darrian Ringo - Arrested

    That article is a mess. 

    As best I can tell, the timeline goes something like this: (1) early Sunday morning, Ringo goes to the mother's apartment and the incident occurs, (2) Monday, he travels to Akron to play, and (3) Tuesday, the officer files the incident report.  Thus, Ringo wasn't charged or arrested until after playing against Akron.  

    I really hope Ringo gets his act straightened out.  That story has all the makings of a slow decline into - eventual - incarceration.  I am disappointed.
    =>I take issue that the article says he DID these things.  It reads:

    "Three weeks ago, after pounding at the door of the mother of his child’s apartment at 3:30 a.m., Miami University senior and RedHawks men’s basketball guard Darrian Ringo shoved his child’s mother to the ground and rushed to the bedroom to find him. The mother got up to stop Ringo and he put his hands around her neck and pushed her on the bed."

    It DOES NOT say he was alleged to have done this or this info came from the incident report.  It just reads as if it was all fact.  Ringo may dispute these facts and the mother may have even recanted.

    Miami Student (or Miami University itself) opens itself up to defamation lawsuits when it "testifies" like this.  But beyond that, it is unprofessional.  I get the writers of kids, not professional journalists, so I will give some slack.  But still... 
  • Best Ever Year in Miami Men’s Sports

    98 Football 10-1
    98-99 Basketball Sweet 16
    Don't know what hockey did that year.
    =>And it doesn't matter.

  • Blasi Fired per CHN

    =>@Moorehawk, fair point. I can see Hockey being number 3 in the Northeast, Michigan, Minnesota, and Alaska.

    You make another good point about baseball being popular in the south. College baseball suffers from the fact that it begins in the winter which makes it very difficult for schools in the north to have home games until spring comes around. Major League Baseball still in spring training, meanwhile Miami baseball is already played like 15 or something games right?

    College baseball is on TV all the time in the spring. Now some of that may be because it's off-season for football and basketball and the sports networks are desperate for programming. But as a whole, college baseball is way more high-profile than College hockey.

    College hockey also suffers from lack of big-name schools. Even if St Cloud is a Powerhouse, it's not a name that anybody would have heard of.

    I believe college soccer has more appeal than College hockey. I think it has a lot to do with people having actually played the sport and the sport being so popular throughout the world and increasingly gaining popularity in this country. Whereas hockey it's just more of a Canadian sport in many people's minds.

    But to be honest, arguing which has the higher profile between college soccer, college basketball, in college hockey is like arguing which one is the tallest midget. After men's basketball and football, whoever is third is such a distant third it's not even debatable. Women's college basketball actually has more appeal than College hockey.

    What college hockey does have going for it is all the games are Friday and Saturday night in primetime. That is huge for attendance and entertainment value. College basketball has weeknight games which will always have limited appeal even at a power 5 school. And then on the weekends, the games are often matinees what you getting hurts attendance in entertainment.

    With college hockey though, I'm not sure that anyone can equate attendance to General following of the sport. It's like minor league baseball in that respect. People will come to watch the Dayton Dragons play and have a good time at the game, but are not really following the standings or watching the games when they're on the road.

    Compare that to basketball and football where I think attendance is more indicative of people following the highs and lows of the team. Miami football and basketball have more upside than Miami hockey. But they also have more low side when things are bad. And that's because the fans actually care more about the wins and losses then just going to do the game to have a good time.

    Just my opinion.

    I thought i read that BG was going to accept an invite to one of those tournaments when asked on Friday but that the team voted against it after Saturdays loss
    =>Where did you see that the team voted on it? News to me.

    I am hearing the admin came in and squashed the talk.

    The Toledo Blade. Look at Friday and Saturday.
    =>I read that earlier today. It is coach's speak because they can't say "our college will not pony up."

    Illogical that a team that won 20+ games, beat UB, finishes 3rd in a unusually strong MAC, and lost in a dogfight in conference tournament final would "overnight" suddenly not want to play in the postseason. I think Falcon players have more heart than that. These are D1 athletes who have been spending countless hours in the gym, weight room, etc to lead up to this moment. They are on scholarship to play basketball. Total weak sauce.

    Forget about the underground whispers, this doesn't pass the smell test. It is $$$

  • CHN reporter hearing news that Rico's staff is out

    Time for a change of the guard
    =>It will happen. With the loss of Ringo, Mehki Lairy and/or ICL will move into the starting role.