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  • Delta Tau Delta suspended

    Snowflakes is what we want...everywhere.

    You know over the last 5-10 years there were a couple of fraternity hazing deaths at the University of Texas, but I guess those guys were just snowflakes and couldn't take it.
    =>Still beats the elephant walk.

  • Jalen Adaway-Transferring

    I have no idea what happened but it appears something significant occurred between the OU game on Friday night and the Akron game on Monday for Jalen to get zero minutes. Adaway was averaging over 25 minutes per game and suddenly doesn't see the floor? A coincidence leading to this announcement? I doubt it.
    =>Back injury per radio.  Nothing discipline related.
  • 2019 Football commits

    5 of 6 state football championships won by northern Ohio teams but we have just one recruit from the state north of Columbus. I find it curious.
    =>We recruit character. EVERYONE living outside SW Ohio is a turd.

  • Wilberforce at Miami 2:00 Saturday

    =>If someone can tell me how Duke's 40 point how wins over EMU and other home games they are playing against Army, Princeton, and Yale have prepared Coach K's boys for the ACC, I will concede this point.
    Duke plays Eastern Michigan because Eastern is coached by a former Jim Boeheim assistant, allowing Duke to practice against a poorer man's version of the Syracuse 2-3 zone.    Yale and Princeton were picked to finish in the top half of the Ivy.

    Duke also schedules the reigning Division 2 national champs for their exhibition game, so not the creamiest of cupcakes.

    Many other high majors will tailor their scheduling so they see different styles before conference play.
    =>Playing Yale is like playing an Little Miami River Conference team.

  • Bowl????

    Serious question. If we have donors who would pay for us to play in some pseudo bowl or whatever you want to call it, would you rather have them spend their money on this, or, assuming they were willing, still make the financial commitment and donation, but put the money towards future needs in football/coaching fund, ie more money for assistants etc? I personally would prefer the latter option. To me it’s a better use of the money.
    =>Playing football is best use of money.