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  • Who made Coach Martin MAD? LMAO

    It’s wasn’t hard for fans to see the game unfolding precisely as the one two years ago did. We led Ohio 21-0 at the half and lost it by a FG at the gun. We were razor close to that happening again last night. I think our players simply refused to lose last night. I respect them for that!
    =>Despite all the losing Miami has done in close games the past 2 years, I never felt the game was in jeopardy.  I had perfect confidence Miami was going to win.  It just had that feel to it to me.  I felt that OU was lucky to have got back into the game with the INT and bad snap on the punt.  I did not feel like OU had really taken control of the game or Miami was struggling.  It was odd considering OU was mounting a comeback, but it felt more fluky than legit.
  • Chuck Martin will be fired at the end of this season

    =>@Redsea, midmajor coaches are not judged by OOC results.  League play is apples to apples.  

    Beating OOC opponents is great, but if a coach goes .667 in the league over 3 years he is coming back for a 4th year.
  • Ferris State Wins National Championship

    =>Nobody has ever heard of this school yesterday. The school gets some recognition for winning a hoops title!
  • How UMBC Basketball generated $119 million in advertising exposure

    You know who else got $119m in "free exposure" out of media coverage of its athletic program?  Baylor.  This is a stupid metric dubiously quantified by marketing folks without context or consideration of the results.  
    =>In English please?

  • Miami at Campbell game thread

    This is just unbelievable. I mean, we're getting hands in their faces, but still, swish every time. We've played very well today, but Campbell has just played that much better.
    =>Played well? I will disagree.