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  • An interesting take CHN

    A few thoughts...

    1) If the writer is going to speak for Miami, he at least needs to have a perfunctory quote from the team.

    2) OSU,scUM, et al, are not coming back, so any "name recognition" would be Lake St. and ^M. BUGS and Ferris are in contracts to play Miami anyway, and BUGS I know is indefinite. The other teams were always in the WCHA. Tell me those teams are going to bring in more students, who were barely in high school at the time Miami joined the NCHC.

    3) Is the travel that much better? Bemidji (15 hours), NMU (11 hours), Tech (13 hours), Mankato (12 hours). The problem with travel since the league started is all the New England non-league games that Miami for whatever reason scheduled. Don't cry poor when you voluntarily schedule home-and-homes with Maine, UMass-Lowell, New Hampshire and Providence.

    4) This is a MAJOR drop in competition, equivalent to dropping from the SEC in football to the ACC. Talking to Miami hockey players and coaches, I can tell you for an absolute fact that the league is a driving force for recruiting. Do you see Purdue dropping out of the Big 14 because it's had a bad run the past decade? 

    5) It would cost to drop out of the NCHC. Even if it was free it's a bad idea for the reasons above. To have to pay makes it a completely asinine idea.

    Bergeron will turn this program around. The worst thing to do at this time would be to drop of out the best college hockey conference in the world because of a bad half decade that had everything to do with bad recruiting and coaching and nothing to do with the league.
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  • The CCHA is back!!!

    I think he just means hockey has a larger townie following compared to the other sports. Most people who cheer for Miami football or basketball also cheer for hockey. There are a lot of hockey fans who don't care about anything else at Miami, including academics. This has been the case even before basketball died and football went into a decade long drought.
    It's odd that cultivating a "townie" or regional following has been mentioned many times as something Miami lacks compared to other local institutions in large metro areas and how having that following would be beneficial in boosting attendance and fundraising and yet in this thread it's cast as a negative.
  • Where is the problem with this team?

    I'm not so sure players don't come to Miami hoping to be seen by other teams and then transfer rather than come here wanting to be RedHawks. Too much about the back of the jersey rather the the front. 

    Come on, what are we a juco? That is ri-god-damn-diculous! Typically kids come to Miami because:

    A) Great School Academically
    B) Division I
    C) History of winning & to a lesser degree future success as player or coach after college
    D) Great college atmosphere
    And a happy 1997 to you, too.
  • The CCHA is back!!!

    Going to the NCHC was one of several moves my dad always said were examples of Miami not understanding what it is. 

  • Unpopular opinion coming

    From 1950 to 1999: 15 NCAA appearances, 19 regular season MAC titles and 4 conference (aka MAC tourney) championships, and two sweet sixteens. In many other seasons some very good teams as well that routinely beat the likes of Dayton and Xavier.

    Since 2000...well, not so much: one regular season title, one conference (Aka MAC tournament) title, and one NCAA appearance. Now we seem to consider a win over Wright State as a “quality” win, and we can’t beat Northern Kentucky. Good grief!
  • RedHawks at first place Akron Saturday at 4


    Somehow I knew that’s what you would say. Too predictable by now.
    It used to annoy me, but now I feel empty if he doesn't do it. Plus, it seems to give him a sense of purpose.
  • RedHawks at first place Akron Saturday at 4

    Safe say we are not favored... ;)

    Yeah us....

  • The CCHA is back!!!

    Why would the MAC let Akron leave for soccer and keep their crappy football?

    Also I thought WVu was the best MAC soccer program now. Isnt Akron heading downhill. They didnt even make the tournament last year right?
    Akron would not leave the MAC only for soccer unless the MAC did not have a soccer conference...always a possibility.  Yes...they did not make the tournament last year....but played in the title game the year before and was a preseason top 3.  They lost a lot of players to the pros and key injuries caused them to have a less than stellar season.

    And finally yes....the Zips suck in football.  It was laughable to see some here who thought Terry Bowden was such a good coach....the same who want to fire CM.  SMH   I had to endure my two schools bringing up the bottom in D1 football.  Luckily Miami has turned it around and I believe Akron is a few years to finally putting a good team on the field. 

    I don't see much hope for Miami basketball under the current scenario :-(  We won't mention how Gorce was lambasted here as a loser....check the threads, we were lucky to get Owens and avoid Groce.  One thing for certain...Groce knows how to build winners in the MAC. ...and he cost next to nothing the first 2 years because Illinois was paying him. Akron is worse off financially than Miami so they were happy to get the subsidy.

    This was not meant to debate Akron but to show that weaker conferences with a smaller geographic footprint in secondary sports can be successful.  

  • Unpopular opinion coming

    It could be renovated...it's a building in good shape......but would cost 25-30 million.

    Where do we play?

    Almost seems like you could build a 4,500 seat venue attached to Millett, keep the building for same cost?

    The costs are so wide ranging here, but see ELON.   Then see that High Point is getting a 100 mil + facility?