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  • Miami - LIU Game Thread

    I went to the game and it was very concerning for a quarter and a half. Once we got that sack at the goal line we dominated.

    It was a meh performance. Our offensive plays can get pretty predictable. We only ran 61 offensive plays. We ran the ball pretty well at times but I didnt think either qb make good decisions on the RPOs. At the same time some of the TD drives were very impressive

    First half defense was concerning. Second half defense was stout. We didnt blitz much. We had some sacks but I would call them coverage sacks. Our LBs still look to slow to me

    Special teams was pretty good. I love the FG kicker

    Sparse crowd but the students that were there were really into it. Our crowds are so small to my memory of 20-30 years ago. I doubt there were 5,000 real fans. (Ohio State only had 76k- which I find more amazing)

    Two pet peeves. 1) at the end of the game we put the pirate flag on our scoreboard. The pirate flag is for FBS out of conference victories. I am sure somebody in marketing thinks it is a good idea but if we feel that we should fly a flag for beating LIU then I have real concerns.

    2)I listened to one minute of Coach Martins post game on the radio and he was complaining about the schedule vs Army. Too late in the season- too close to conference season. Cant prepare for it. Martin and Sayler need to get on the same page on future schedules because I am tired of the complaints. Not enough home games - too tough opponents. Coach go look at the 2002 and 2003 schedules. I never heard Hoeppner whine once

  • MAC Opportunities - Week Three

    You all laugh at Ohio, but maybe they've finally figured out that the way to win a MAC title is to look foolish in the non-conference.
  • Miami - LIU Game Thread

    yeah, I guess Jalen Walker can get a catch against LIU...

    This game is a bit embarrassing so far...in other action at least Minnesota went on the road and beat Buffs 30-0, suggests we can be competent, if we are motivated!
    And...Colorado only lost to 7th-ranked Texas A&M by 3 (10-7) a week ago.
  • MAC Opportunities - Week Three

    Down 28-14 to start the fourth quarter and then went four straight 4 and outs while at the same time giving up yardage in big chunks to the Cajuns and 3 touchdowns. Second best team in MAC East according to the media predictors. Seriously? How could the get it that wrong?
    Wow OU got absolutely smoked by UL

    They were assuming that they'd keep going at the rate they were under Solich when the reality is that his regime was an outlier in OU football history.
    And his regime still produced 0 MAC championships.
  • MAC Stock Market after Week Three - Up, Down or Even

    Not sure BG is bottom based on their play either....not league winning, but looks as though they could give anyone they play trouble.
  • Miami - LIU Game Thread

    Nate Muersch....interesting hybrib TE/WR...not sure what his speed is...but he's 6-5 225-230, had multiple Power 5 looks (3 star, kid out of HS)....

    Could be a nice, tall target option...showed some skills against the Sharks....will be interesting to see how he does moving forward.
  • Miami - LIU Game Thread

    I liked it against Minnesota....I see why CM is high on Borders (huge OT, frosh)