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  • Our softball team might be pretty good.

    11-0 final in 5 innings. Vierstra no-hitter and was a HBP away from another perfect game! 13 in a row for Miami. RedHawks are 19-6 (9-0).
  • Our softball team might be pretty good.

    Miami received 6 votes in this week's poll and is #30 nationally!

  • 2021 MAC MBB Transfer List

    AKRON (4): 6-7 PF Cameron Reece (OUT), 6-6 PF Jermaine Marshall (OUT)-SAMFORD, 6-6 SF Tre Edwards (OUT), 6-1 PG Xavier Castaneda (OUT)- SOUTH FLORIDA

    BALL STATE (4): 6-1 PG Ishmael El-Amin (OUT)-RHODE ISLAND, 6-4 2G Jarron Coleman (OUT)-MISSOURI, 6-3 2G KJ Walton (OUT), 6-6 PF Zach Gunn (OUT)

    BGSU (1), Samari Curtis (IN-EVANSVILLE), 6-7 PF Jacob Washington (OUT), 6-3 2G Brenton Mills (IN-BINGHAMPTON)

    BUFFALO (1): 6-5 2G Savion Gallion (OUT)

    CMU {6}: 6-4 PG Deschon Winston (OUT)(Grad), 6-1 PG Ra'Shad Weekly-McDaniels (OUT), 6 PG PJ Mitchell (OUT), 6-7 SF Ralph Bissainthe (OUT), 6-4 2G Caleb Huffman (OUT), 6-6 SF Meikkel Murray (OUT)

    EMU(3): 6-8 PF Ty Groce (OUT)(Grad), 6-6- SF Miles Gibson (OUT), 6'2" G Bryce McBride (OUT)

    KENT (4), 6-6 PG James Jordan (OUT), 6-2 PG Michael Nuga (OUT), 6'11" C Kalin Bennett (OUT), 6-9 PF Evan Bainbridge (OUT) 

    MIAMI (1): 6-5 SF Josh Brewer (OUT)

    NIU {6}: 6-7 PF Kennon Cole (OUT), 6-8 SF Justin Lee (OUT), 6-8 PF Nathan Scott (OUT), 6-3 2G Tavon Jones (OUT), 6-3 PG Keshawn Williams (IN-TULSA), 6-1 PG Tyler Cochran (OUT), 6-9 C Chris Osten (IN-ARIZONA STATE), 6-3 PG PG Darius Beane (OUT)

    OHIO (3): 6-7 PF Mason McMurray (OUT), 6-9 PF Rifen Miquel (OUT), 6-10 C Nolan Foster (OUT), 6-8 PF Jason Carter (IN-XAVIER), 6-1 2G John Tenerowicz (OUT)

    TOLEDO(4): 6-10 C Luka Maranka (OUT), 6-8 PF Mattia Acunzo (OUT)-ROBERT MORRIS, 6-9 C Jonathan Komagum (OUT)-SACRAMENTO STATE, 6-1 PG Marreon Jackson (OUT)-ARIZONA STATE

    WMU (7): 6'1 PG William Boyer-Richard (OUT), 6'9" PF Chase Barrs (OUT)-FLORIDA A&M, 6-8 C Titus Wright (OUT), 6'5" SF Kawanise Wilkins (OUT), 6'1" G Rafael Cruz (OUT), 6'6" Patrick Emilien (OUT)-ST. FRANCIS (BROOKLYN), 6-7 SF Markese Hastings (IN-Butler), 6-3 PG Lamar Norton (IN-DUQUENSE), 6-6 PG Jaylon Holmes (OUT)
  • 2021 MAC Recruiting - COMMITMENTS

    I've (MOSTLY) updated the changes (LOI's and Transfers-IN) above
  • MAC Composite Schedules omits all mention of Miami

    We’re not listed in the drop down option for schools.
    Miami shows up beginning in October....strange.