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Nate Trawick and Cedric Asseh

Just wandering through the track and field section of miamiredhawks.com and I noticed that Nate Trawick and Cedric Asseh participated in a few track meets, including the MAC Championship meet, after spring football this year.

Trawick finished 4th in the shot put at the Indiana State invitational and 8th in the same event at the MAC Championship meet.

Asseh anchored the 4 x 100 m relay team to a 3rd place finish at the MAC Championship meet.


  • Redhawks16Redhawks16 Wealthy Alum
    I've always kept an eye on asseh since he came to miami. He's just such a great athlete that it would be a shame if he couldn't find a way onto the field for the football team. Glad to see him contributing in track.
  • BluesmanBluesman Wealthy Alum
    Trawick is a monster. Weight room demon. He is up to a very solid 335. Will make Miami very tough to run on.
  • RudyRudy Havighurstite
    Speaking of athletes, I believe I've noticed a small typo in a letter we send to commits. Not sure who to contact...Thoughts?
  • RudyRudy Havighurstite
    Someone wrote back to me so disregard.
  • Bash_RiprockBash_Riprock Wealthy Alum
    I hope Trawick continues with the shot put. The foot work it takes to be a great shot putter will only help him be an even better defensive tackle.
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