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Courtney Sirmans named new soccer head coach

A Centerville native and UD graduate who's previously been an assistant at UD and Wright State, she spent the past two seasons as an assistant at Rice, which made the NCAA tournament as an at-large bid this year.  For the 2015-16 season, she was named to the NSCAA 30 under 30 list, which recognizes the 30 best male and female soccer coaches in the US under age 30.

Welcome Coach Sirmans!



  • Spanks004Spanks004 Wealthy Alum
    I couldn't be happier with this hire. Courtney was a neighbor of mine growing up, and we went to school together from 1st grade through high school. Second hire in a row where our AD is bringing a coach "home", love it. I think Miami has something like 9 girls already committed through 2019, so she really won't get her own girls in until 2020. As Chuck mentioned, she was named one of the top coaches under 30 a few years ago, a huge honor in the soccer community. Can't wait to see how she rebuilds the programs (knowing it will take a few years).
  • TruckCrewTruckCrew Wealthy Alum
    Spanks:Centerville::Bluesman:St. Louis
  • Spanks004Spanks004 Wealthy Alum
    TruckCrew said:

    Spanks:Centerville::Bluesman:St. Louis

    Won't deny it! Although Miami only gets a Cville athlete every few years it seems. Hoping Courtney will change that and open the soccer pipeline there, always pretty talented teams. Not only Cville though, I think Kramig didn't recruit Ohio well. Ohio has always been a soccer hotbed, and girls should want to go to Miami IMO. Hoping Courtney's connections in OH will help her cause.
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