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Buffalo beats Ohio, remains unbeaten in MAC.

Buffalo (15-5, 8-0 MAC), beat Kittens 73-66 in Athens last night. Surprising that Ohio still drew pretty good crowd of around 6,400 when their team is under .500.


  • El13El13 Wealthy Alum
    OU gets the community involved this always draws, one thing they do a lot better than us.
  • NickskinNickskin Wealthy Alum
    Lots of ROTC there last night as well
  • El13El13 Wealthy Alum
    That’s cool, another good group to recruit to games.
  • El13El13 Wealthy Alum
    Hell, I would even give ROTC free tickets, free hot dogs and their own section. Give them camo RedHawks gear and sell non ROTC tickets to others that wanted to join that section with free tee shirt. All kinds of ideas you could do with ROTC.
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