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Kent State score predictions

Cincykid3Cincykid3 Wealthy Alum
Did I miss a prediction thread for the Kent game? I didn’t see one.


  • 90skin90skin Wealthy Alum
    Miami 38
    Kent 13
  • QuinoaburgerQuinoaburger Wealthy Alum
    We're better than Kent St., but this could be a tricky matchup. They actually remind me a lot of our 2014 team, even down to the first year coach and the transfer QB dragging the team past its talent level. They're throwing the ball something like 40+ times per game, which could cause problems given our secondary. I still think we win, but it's not a slam dunk.

    Miami 48
    Kent Read 38
  • Cincykid3Cincykid3 Wealthy Alum
    edited October 2018
    Nothing is a slam dunk with a Chuck-coached team. Going “out on a limb” in hopes last week win was not a fluke and go with Miami 34-24.
  • I saw a 10.5 point line.

    I hope we beat Treadwell by 30.
  • greggie76greggie76 Senior Barfly
    Treadwell isnt thier anymore he back a michigan st
  • DSnyder15DSnyder15 Wealthy Alum
    Miami 38
    Can't  24
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