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Rigg NFL-Bound...Hopefully

Jordan Rigg officially signed with KMG Sports and declared for the NFL.

I assume he had one more year of eligibility since he only played three games the year he was injured, and had a rs year.


  • BluesmanBluesman Wealthy Alum
    That is a little surprising. I wish him the best. 
  • skinsskins Wealthy Alum
    edited January 9
    You think it is odd he's electing to forego a 6th yr with no proven QB?

  • rexjack53rexjack53 Senior Barfly
    Bad move on his part
  • AORedHawk33AORedHawk33 Wealthy Alum
    rexjack53 said:

    Bad move on his part

    You might be the reason that Chuck Martin called us all idiots.
  • MooreHawkMooreHawk Off-Campus Slummer
    The rules for extending the five year clock require multiple seasons to be lost for reasons outside of the player and school's control. Generally this would be injuries. Normal redshirt years don't count, so I doubt he is eligible for a sixth year.
  • elpalitoelpalito Wealthy Alum
    Hope we hear his name called.
  • HawksGrad18HawksGrad18 Summer Orientee
    Kid is really athletic.  Really good pass blocker.  Shady in the run game.  Should at least get a shot in camp.
  • Redskin89Redskin89 Dodds God
    He was the best tight end on the roster. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him try to change positions.
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