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EDSBS Charity Bowl

DevilGradDevilGrad Wealthy Alum
edited April 10 in Football
It's that time of year when the EDSBS crew tries to harness snark, pettiness, and bile for good with its annual "Charity Bowl" to support New American Pathways, an Atlanta-based refugee resettlement agency.  The idea is to make a donation that commemorates your team, preferably in a way that disparages your rivals.  So, for example, $66.06 might be a good contribution from a Miamian.  

You can follow along on Twitter, where Holly Anderson has been handed the keys to NAP's account for the week, or click the link I included below to make a contribution.  I won't presume to tell y'all how to steer your charitable giving, but I like this cause and I'd like to see Miami beat Ohio U in the standings.  

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