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2019 Update

killgas20killgas20 Senior Barfly
Lost last 4 out of 5, including dropping two MAC games at home against Ball State.

Miami still in first place by a full game.  Three game series against NIU this weekend.  


  • killgas20killgas20 Senior Barfly
    edited April 2019
    Lost 2 of 3 this weekend at home vs. NIU.

    Dropped to 3rd in the MAC.

    Play at Xavier on Tuesday and at home vs. Ohio State on Wednesday before heading to OU next weekend for a 3 game series.

    Team has sputtered a bit the past couple of weeks.  
  • Joe_NJoe_N Summer Orientee
    Still in third place with six games to go. 

    2.5 games out of first
    1.5 games out of second
  • BluesmanBluesman Wealthy Alum
    Beat UC with a walkoff HR. Anytime we beat UC is a great day!
  • QuinoaburgerQuinoaburger Wealthy Alum
    2-1 this weekend against WMU. The standings going into the last week of the season:

    1. CMU 19-5
    2. Ball St 17-5
    3. Miami 15-8
    4. Kent 14-8
    5. NIU 13-11
    6. Ohio 10-11
    7. WMU 10-12
    8. BG 7-17
    9. EMU 6-18
    10. Toledo 4-18

    The top 6 teams make the conference tournament. Seeding is huge because under the current format, the top 2 teams get first round byes and the worse seeded team to lose in the second round has to play an extra game in the loser's bracket. The matchups for the last weekend of the season:

    Miami @ CMU
    Kent @ EMU
    Toledo @ Ball St
    BG @ NIU
    Ohio @ WMU
  • killgas20killgas20 Senior Barfly
    Going to be tough to get the 2 seed.  We would need to sweep CMU and have Toledo sweep Ball State.  
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