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How Schools Meet the 15K Attendance Requirement

BluesmanBluesman Wealthy Alum


  • Professor_FateProfessor_Fate Wealthy Alum
    That’s a great read there, Blues. The comment from the EMU AD, about playing games on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday nights in snowstorms is excellent!
  • DevilGradDevilGrad Wealthy Alum
    Stupid rules begat stupid behavior.
  • killgas20killgas20 Senior Barfly
    edited July 11
    I don't subscribe to The Athletic so I can't read the article.

    However, it has always been interesting/comical the methods of which the BCS conferences tried to "demote" the other non-BCS conferences to D1-AA.  Let's see:  Your stadium MUST seat 30K (remember the corner bleachers at Yager to make it's capacity 30,0012) -->  That was dropped for you MUST schedule 5 D1-A home opponents to be bowl eligible (that was modified to you can schedule 1-AA home opponents to count for bowl eligibility every so-many years) --> Now it's been you MUST have an average 15K home attendance which has resulted in several double-secret probationary statuses for various schools over the years. 

    These musical-chair style rules changes also resulted in some Miami's scheduling changes that resulted in the late-90's through early 2000's.
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