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Game Balls Against Kent

BluesmanBluesman Wealthy Alum
1. Defense-just outstanding other than penalties.
2. Tyre Shelton
3. Sam Sloman



  • BluesmanBluesman Wealthy Alum
    All this in terrible weather conditions.
  • AORedHawk33AORedHawk33 Wealthy Alum
    Defense as a whole was phenomenal. This team has put up BIG numbers against every other MAC opponent.
  • ScalperScalper Wealthy Alum
  • BluesmanBluesman Wealthy Alum
    D got the big game ball. I love the play of McWood, Baratti, Weatherford and Reid. Remind me of “old school” Miami players under Randy and Terry. But our DL has been great as well. Hopefully Maize wasn’t seriously hurt yesterday.
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