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  • MUHawk84MUHawk84 Wealthy Alum
    Meh....let me know when a salary cap is instituted and/or Bob Nutting sells the Pirates....but seriously, there are arguments for and against, but what it boils down to is that “baseball” has no idea how to compete with football, soccer and basketball
  • The problem isn’t MiLB as an organization. Like 4Hawks says, it’s doing fine. The motivation is the desire to avoid legislation that makes them pay players the minimum wage. Not fancy big league salaries, the minimum wage.
  • MazMaz Senior Barfly
    I’m not one to favor having the government involved in these things, but it is certainly fair to say that minor league salaries are pathetic and, as a moral issue, need to be fixed.
  • MUHawk84MUHawk84 Wealthy Alum
    How many minor league teams operate at a profit?
  • I don’t know that number off the top of my head, but I do know the minor league teams aren’t responsible for payroll—the major league teams pay players and baseball personnel.
  • MazMaz Senior Barfly
    It is fascinating to me that the MLBPA is not interested in representing minor leaguers.  If they were, this issue would be easily resolved when the collective bargaining agreement is negotiated.  The additional money that would have to be added to the current minor league salaries to make them not completely embarrassing is practically a rounding error compared to a major league team's salary pool.  Apparently, MLBPA doesn't want to do that because they fear they'll have to give up something.  Maybe that would be a slightly reduced market for free-agents or arbitration rights or something.  
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