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Texas A&M

killgas20killgas20 Senior Barfly
Starting the season tonight at Texas A&M.

7:30 PM Friday
3:00 PM Saturday
1:00 PM Sunday

Games will be streamed on SEC Network+...not sure if this means they can be seen on ESPN+.


  • MooreHawkMooreHawk Senior Barfly
    SEC+ is not ESPN+. If you have SEC network on your cable package you should be able to stream SEC+ online through ESPN.
  • Cincykid3Cincykid3 Wealthy Alum
    Must be just streamed..not on SEC cable network.
  • Boy, that really got out of hand fast.
  • 13-0 through 3 if anyone's wondering. A&M batted around in both the second and third innings.
  • Re6H5wkRe6H5wk Wealthy Alum

    13-0 through 3 if anyone's wondering. A&M batted around in both the second and third innings.

    Been following a little on Twitter. This is embarrassing.
  • We just recorded our first hit in the top of the fourth.
  • Re6H5wkRe6H5wk Wealthy Alum
    17-1 final. We weren't shut out! 17 runs on 13 hits, and we only made one error. Must have been a ton of walks.
  • Noticed attendance was 5,192. Wow!
  • Re6H5wkRe6H5wk Wealthy Alum
    We lose 9-2 today. I know the Aggies are good, but we really laid an egg. 26-3 in two games. Have to do better than that if we're anywhere as good as we thought we were.
  • NescacdadNescacdad Wealthy Alum
    Tough start to game 3, too. Two Aggie HR in the bottom of the first. A&M up 3-0. Tough place to open the season playing your first outdoor baseball - against #21 Texas A&M and facing probably the #1 pitching draft pick in game one. The liability of being a Northern baseball program definitely showing this weekend.
  • Re6H5wkRe6H5wk Wealthy Alum
    "Only" lost 6-2 today.
  • JiveHawkJiveHawk Wealthy Alum
    Not surprised. Northern teams always start slower. My guess is that was the teams first time playing outdoors and on a natural surface since the off-season.
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