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Rules of the Road

thechuck_2112thechuck_2112 Wealthy Alum
edited April 2020 in General
Our benevolent absentee landlord @steve isn't around much these days, so the rules of the road have relaxed a little bit from the old days.  That said, we still observe the two following rules:

1. No politics. 
2. No discussion of the Miami nickname change.

Posts that violate these rules--in the sole discretion of the moderating team--will be deleted without notice.  Repeat violators may be given a time-out or banned.

And, thanks to things we've sadly had to deal with in the past couple years, there are two more:

3. No making threats of physical violence against other posters.
4. No doxxing (i.e., revealing personal information a poster hasn't already divulged, such as an employer or a home address).

Posts that violate these last two rules will be deleted without notice, and the poster will be banned.


5. If you have a complaint about "test" being in the URL, your moderators can't fix it, and posting about it on the board won't change anything. Send a message to @steve instead.  Posts complaining about "test" are subject to deletion.

Your moderation team may miss rule violations from time to time, because we have jobs and families and don't get paid to be here.  If that happens, don't assume we're giving someone a free pass.  It's just a mistake.


  • thechuck_2112thechuck_2112 Wealthy Alum
    edited July 2020
    I deleted 95% of DICK's thread about John Lewis (after mistakenly making my own contribution to it) because MHT is not a Lost Cause forum.

    If people aren't willing to follow the first rule above, I am just going to start banning without warning. I've also deleted the general coronavirus thread because people can't keep themselves from starting shit in there either.

    This is simple, people. There is a whole giant goddamn internet where you can argue about the political issues of the day. This is not part of that internet. 
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