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Donating to Food Banks

DICKDICK Wealthy Alum
edited April 2020 in General
There are some Hawktalkers who are getting a "stimulus payment" from the government who don't really need it.  I realize that everybody can always use some extra cash, but I look at my own situation.  I am retired and I get a pension from STRS ( teachers retirement) and I also have a couple of smaller income streams from some investments.  I am still getting paid.  The idea behind those payments is to help people whose income has been effected by the Virus and to help them get through to the other side.  People who have not lost income are also getting these payments, even though they are still receiving their social security and investment incomes, plus there are plenty of people still working and earning as much as usual.

For several years my main charity has been Food Banks, as more and more families have relied on them to make ends meet.  This demand has just exploded over the last month.  Recently the Dayton Daily had an article which predicted that before this crisis is over 30-40% of all Americans will be using Food Banks.  On Dayton TV stations they have showed pictures of seemingly endless lines of cars that just keep coming through for hours and hours as National Guard soldiers have been loading the trunks with boxes.  From where I live, I normally donate to the West Ohio Foodbank ( located in Lima, with several branches around the area) or The Foodbank in Dayton.  Recently I found out that one of the churches in New Bremen has opened a food bank and they are really busy. They just made an agreement to affiliate themselves with the Foodbank in Lima.  Foodbanks traditionally have relied in part on unsold restaurant or grocery food, but those sources have dried up now.

I would just like to suggest that some of you who are more fortunate that others might consider donating part or even all of your stimulus payment to the Foodbanks.  They also take donations of food.  Hopefully this is just a short time span when so many people are hurting and need help.


  • twstws Off-Campus Slummer
    edited April 2020
    Well Said, Dick.  I will not be getting any money, but will check out food banks in my area and donate anyway...
  • skin66skin66 Wealthy Alum
    Yep, my barber, the waitress for our Wednesday morning coaches group, some of the people at the Y where I play Pickleball and others. I am going to look for a way to get money to them. I am STRS also and so is my lovely wife. We have invested well. My stimulus money can best be used by others.
  • DICKDICK Wealthy Alum
    This situation is getting worse.  Just a few quotes from an article on the front page of today's Dayton Daily News titled " Food insecurity rates rising rapidly in the state".

    "Food insecurity rates in the state (Ohio) have gone from 13.9% to 23%".  "The Foodbank served twice as many households in March as it did in February". Then it almost doubled from March to April.  So about 2,000 in February, over 4,000 in March, and over 8,000 in April.

    " In Ohio, more than one in 7 workers remain unemployed, and recent polls show more than one in 4 Americans missed last month's rent or mortgage payments."  "On one day last week, The Foodbank distributed boxes of food to 2,500 people, almost half of them were new to the system."

    While the Fed has printed 3 trillion dollars to distribute to large companies, boosting the stock market and helping those of us who are invested, as usual the poor have gotten little or nothing and are struggling the most.  Most have spent their one time stimulus and the $600 added payment for laid off workers is disappearing.  Food prices have shot up over the last month.

    Anyway, I just wanted to bring this up again, things are getting worse for the people at or near the bottom of American society.  If you are doing well yourself, these are people badly in need of some help.
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