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Unique TV opportunity

DICKDICK Wealthy Alum
Normally when we get to November week nights and MACtion, there are few if any other college football games to compete with.  We have to go against early regular season NBA and NHL games, and early season college basketball.  Right now the TV sports nights are incredibly crowded.  Baseball is in its final week with all kinds of playoff contention games.  NBA and WNBA playoffs are down to the biggest games of the year and will be finished in a couple of weeks.  Same with the NHL.  Plus golf and tennis and auto racing  all have been holding big events.  And of course there is the NFL.

By November baseball will be done.  NBA, NHL,and WNBA will all be done and will not have started the next season.  College basketball and hockey are delayed until Thanksgiving.  the only actual sports competition for MACtion will be NFL Monday and Thursday night games, plus maybe a few other college football games.  Ratings could be the best ever.


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