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Fate of Chargers’ ownership at stake as Dean Spanos’ sister asks court to force sale

If Jeff Bezos gets the team and moves them back to San Diego, the stadium would be incredible!


  • thechuck_2112thechuck_2112 Wealthy Alum
    I can't imagine a scenario where the NFL lets the Chargers move back to San Diego soon. The way the stadium financing deal was set up, that would leave the Rams on the hook for a LOT more.
  • gentbaseball12gentbaseball12 Senior Barfly
    The Spanos family sucks so much — but if Dan Snyder is somehow still an NFL owner I can’t imagine the league will be rid of these idiots any time soon.
  • profholt82profholt82 Wealthy Alum
    When it comes to Los Angeles, teams tend to come and go like transients in the night. Many people never even notice.
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