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2019 Season

killgas20killgas20 Senior Barfly
Start off with a 4 game series against SLU in Hoover, AL.

This series is being played at the Hoover Met Baseball Complex.

EMU is playing NIJT here as well this weekend.


  • ChrisW1980ChrisW1980 Off-Campus Slummer
    I don't see that we are playing Akron (unless we do so in the MAC Tournament).  I was hoping that we might get to see Chris Sabo come to Oxford!
  • Rolando86Rolando86 Dodds God
    edited February 2019
    Akron does not start baseball again until next year.
  • ChrisW1980ChrisW1980 Off-Campus Slummer
    Rolando86 said:

    Akron does not start baseball again until next year.

    Thanks Rolando.  I didn't know that.
  • killgas20killgas20 Senior Barfly
    Playing at Murray State this weekend.

    Series was postponed due to weather, so they are playing a doubleheader on Sunday and one on Monday.

    Up 12-3 in Game 1 in the bottom of the 8th.
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