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Miami-related off-season NHL activity ...

MazMaz Senior Barfly
Haven't seen this elsewhere ...

Riley Barber signed a 1-year, two-way deal with MTL for $700k.
Curtis McKenzie signed a 2-year, one-way deal with VGS for $750k/yr.
Louis Belpedio is currently an arbitration-eligible RFA, with MIN.
Cameron Schilling signed a 1-year, 2-way deal with WPG for $700.


  • Rolando86Rolando86 Dodds God
    Andy Miele signed a 2-year, two-way deal with Arizona
  • JohnnyMacJohnnyMac Wealthy Alum
    Not sure if this will link, but here's an article on Mitch Korn:

  • MazMaz Senior Barfly
    Rolando86 said:

    Andy Miele signed a 2-year, two-way deal with Arizona

    I just went and looked at Arizona's cap situation.  I don't get to see much of Arizona or the Western Conference anymore, so I'm a little ashamed to say that I have (almost) no idea who Nick Schmaltz, Christian Dvorak and Jacob Chychrun are.  They must be pretty good, given how much money Arizona has tied up in them over the next 6/7 years.
  • D_DayD_Day Wealthy Alum
    Schmaltz played for North Dakota
  • MazMaz Senior Barfly
    Chris Wideman signed 1-year, two way deal with ANA for $700k.
  • ChiefPanicChiefPanic Off-Campus Slummer
    D_Day said:

    Schmaltz played for North Dakota

    And the Blackhawks who traded him to AZ for Perlini and Strome.

    Pass first playmaker with sweet hands but probably won’t be that much better than a 2C in his career.
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