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Questions For cajunman About The Ragin' Cajuns

mollauttmollautt Wealthy Alum
=>Thank you @cajunman for your insight in another thread.  I would like you to tell us a little more about your team...

1)  Knowing what you know, where would you say your defense is most vulnerable to attack, and how could the RedHawks best exploit those weaknesses?

2)  Which trick plays are the Ragin Cajuns working on now and how would your opponent recognize when a trick play is coming?

3)  I understand that there are signals and audible calls that Cajuns use on the line of scrimmage. Could you give us some examples of those and what those code words mean?

4)  What would be the one piece of information that would be most dangerous for the Miami coaching staff to know?

5)  Where is your team practicing and can I go there and film them?  

6)  Is there anything that you can tell us that would lower the morale of your players?



  • cajunmancajunman Summer Orientee
    Thats some funny stuff right there !!!   

    1)Our pass defense has not been stellar.  Im sure your staff has seen it on film. Injuries to our best nose tackle has hobbled him.

    2) I dont think we have any trick plays nor have we even attempted one. I think.

    3)  I would not have a clue. But if you speak french, you stand a chance.

    4) Notta

    5) The Cajun militia provides security.  Even our grand ma's are armed.

    6) That has already occurred losing to App St in conference championship game. We started out 21-0 due to uncharacteristic self inflicted wounds.  We battled back to all most tie the game.

    P.s., we have high quality h2o lmao!!

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