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Miami Student asks “Does anyone care about being rivals with OU?”

Interesting article. DG, care to comment? In Latin with the English translation below, please



  • profholt82profholt82 Wealthy Alum
    To be honest, when I was at Miami in the mid-aughts, if it wasn't hockey, no one cared. While I was cognizant of the Battle of the Bricks, football and basketball always seemed to be an afterthought among my friends and the student body as a whole. Kind of sad, I know, but that's just how it was. As raucous as it got at hockey games, the student section at football and basketball games had a fraction of the attendance. And I certainly don't recall anyone making much of a fuss about OU. UC and UD were more relevant in sports and general conversation among the people I knew. I recall some transfers occurring among those 2 schools, and the UC football game and UD basketball game had bigger attendance among students. I realize now that OU is a big deal, but honestly, when I was a student, they were largely an afterthought. Judging by that article, it sounds like that's still the way it is.
  • Doesn't help that our recent wins were on weeknights and last fall's game got cancelled. If we had more big Saturday wins like 2012 and didn't suck for most of the past decade it'd be more intense.
  • BonkBonk Off-Campus Slummer
    Does anyone care about the Miami Student?

    I had to unfollow last year as it went completely off the rails. Judging by its plummeting Twitter follower count, lots of people did the same.
  • Cincykid3Cincykid3 Wealthy Alum
    When I was at Miami (74-78), in football we were dominating the MAC and I never thought of OU as much of a rival since we owned them at the time (kinda like UC now owns us). I didn’t have the history w OU like DG and some others here. I always thought of UC as our most important rival then (although we were also dominating them most of the time and beat them 3 out of the 4 years I was in school. I always looked at BG as being a good rival in football, and OU a big rival in hoops.
  • EDDIEEDDIE Wealthy Alum
    Same between 75-80. UD and UC were the big basketball games.  The Miami Student also gave much more attention to UC and UD games. Extra staff never assigned to OU games.
  • skin66skin66 Wealthy Alum
    When I was riding my horse to school, long,long ago Marshal and OU were the must see rival games.
  • muhawkmuhawk Wealthy Alum

    If we had more big Saturday wins like 2012 and didn't suck for most of the past decade it'd be more intense.

    Required post:

    Even though we sucked for a vast majority of the seasons in the past decade-plus, it’s important to note that we still have 2 more MAC titles than OU has during that time.

  • Redhawks16Redhawks16 Wealthy Alum
    Rivalries in general seem to becoming less and less relevant in sports imo. What’s the best rivalry going? Army - Navy? Not many great ones left.
  • The_SackmanThe_Sackman Wealthy Alum
    If you don't hate Ohio, that's a you problem and a sign of god awful garbage parenting.
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