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Not a terribly charitable review of Miami recruiting



  • RedseaRedsea Wealthy Alum
    He was also on the Central Michigan podcast with coach Mac. I think he was the only opposing coach on the show and you could feel the mutual respect.
  • Love_and_HonorLove_and_Honor Wealthy Alum
    Chuck is hardly perfect, but he's genuine in an industry notoriously populated by a-holes. There wasn't a doubt in my mind that he was being real when he teared up while crediting the players/other coaches during the field interview right after winning the MAC.
  • skinsskins Wealthy Alum
    edited July 22
    He's weathered some hiccups, and seems to have come out on top, shows that he really appreciates where he's at, at least for now....ha (not sure how old his kids are, and that could factor in wanting to be somewhere for awhile - until they graduate).

    That said he seems to have embraced Miami now...it's history, and is doing much better...hopefully more to come!
  • miamialummiamialum Summer Orientee
    edited July 22
    redhawk11 said:

    I want to mention this here. The Athletic did an article today in which they polled 12 current MAC players. One of the questions was, "if you could play for any MAC coach other than your own, who would it be?"
    Of the 12, 3 didn't answer. Chuck received 4 votes and no other coach received more than a single vote.

    I really like and appreciate this quote: “Coach (Chuck) Martin, he’s a good guy, I can tell the kind of coach he
    is. Playing against him, he did a lot of things I didn’t see, attacked
    me and exposed me as a freshman. He had a great game plan for us.”

    I think The Athletic does an exceptional job.
  • BluesmanBluesman Wealthy Alum

    Bluesman said:

    So hopefully someone sent it to them. 

    Blues, you've already emailed it to the whole staff haven't you? ;)
    After adding numerous annotations.
    I delivered it in person!! 
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