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Invisible Man



  • profholt82profholt82 Wealthy Alum
    I see. Well, that's unfortunate.
  • Cincykid3Cincykid3 Wealthy Alum
    No idea what is up with Steve, but I have met him on a few occasions and can tell you all he is a great guy. He also introduced me to both Todd M and Matt S. (Quite a few years ago).
  • JiveHawkJiveHawk Wealthy Alum

    JiveHawk said:

    I don't know Steve personally, and cannot contact him. But if someone who can do so would let him know that we are interested in maintaining the site to keep the community alive, I would certainly be willing to put some money on it. And I would imagine that many of the wealthy alums here would also be willing to throw down as well.

    The attitude of "go start your own site" is certainly his prerogative to have, but it's not exactly that simple for us because this community has been long established, and is really the only Miami athletics fan forum that I know of. It would be a shame to see it continue to waste away until it possibly disappears altogether. I'm just saying that we could get together and pony up some cash, if that is what it would take. I'd be willing to throw down and I'd bet many others here would as well.

    There was a group of us that approached him and offered up to $10,000 during the St. Petersburg bowl. He said no because he was going to be more active with the site. Not sure he's even been around since that.
    Per his profile, his last sign on was November 2015. Trying to understand the headspace of someone who continues to pay the monthly costs to own a forum, refuses to make necessary updates to the site (causing us to lose features), hasn't posted in over 6 years, hasn't even signed on in more than 5 years, yet still turns down a 5 figure offer to sell it to active users who want to maintain the community. Just baffling.
    It takes 30 minutes to remove test from the URL. He didn't take 5 figures for a website he doesn't have 30 minutes for.
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