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  • Iam4hawks
    I just never bought his rationale for firing Maria. When the first thing said is that he's not trying to send a message to the other coaches I didn't buy it. I thought it was purely about sending a message. I believe he knew the minute he walked onto campus he was going to fire someone and make a statement. Maria was the unlucky one to be in the last year of a contract.  Sayler wasn't her long enough to look at the overall record and ask what went right and what went wrong. Does he know her first year as coach, with 11 wins was a team of nearly all walk-ons? 

    Sayler also said he'd have no coach go into a lame duck year. He now has one. Neither of the current basketball coaches have come close to a winning record, winning conference record and haven't been in the same room as a championship. Maria won three Mid-American Conference East Division titles and one MAC tournament crown. She took three squads to the WNIT and one to the NCAA tournament. Neither current hoops coach has come near that to date after four years. Maria brought six of the program's top 10 career scoring leaders, as well as four of the top 10 career rebounding leaders to campus during her tenure. Under her tutelage, Miami has produced 47 MAC Players of the Week, 19 all-MAC selections, six MAC All-Freshman honorees, one MAC Player of the Year in Heather Cusick (2002), one MAC Tournament MVP in Amanda Jackson (2008) and the program's first MAC Freshman of the Year in Courtney Osborn (2010). six players have been named Academic All-MAC and two have earned CoSIDA Academic All-District honors. In 2004, senior Colleen Day became the first RedHawk to win a major national academic honor when she was named to the CoSIDA Academic All-America Second-Team and she was a MAC coach of the year.

    To me, it seems like he was either sending a message or the bar has been lowered a whole lot in the last few years. Look at what was given up and what we have now. Did we move forward?  Is the standard applied to her being applied to the current coaches? You fired a coach for not winning championships. How do you keep coaches that are moving backward? 

    March 2016
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  • Miamitexx
    Jive, I like your insight, but that many wins is a bit high in my estimation.  Would love it to happen, but just can't see it yet.  However, if things do go our way - QB, and secondary gelling, I can see a good year above what I expected.  If we can hold the ball and keep some of the other teams off the field, we have chances.  We need to control the ball and that is what we didn't do against good teams last year.  Good comments and info as always.
    January 2016
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  • Iam4hawks

    https://tkt.xosn.com//tickets/MyAccount.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=26100&DB_OEM_ID=26100 Try that link. If it doesn't work. email me direct at kkuster1@mac.com. I think all the site needs is your email.
    October 2015
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