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  • Bluesman
    Spanks no need for the "hissy fit" comment! I got your point. My point is our AD office except for Sayler, Coleman and Dave Meyers, is bad. And yeah, I harp on it because it needs to change because our mens BB program is as close to irrelevant as one could get. And the person I emailed was Angie Renninger-Associate Athletic Communications Director for mens basketball and synchronized swimming. So the person to direct the question to.   I talk to Coleman and Dave Meyers all the time. I met with Coleman for about 3 hours earlier this year when he was in St. Louis. I am going to try to schedule a meeting with Sayler sometime before the end of the year, depending on my trial schedule. I have 5 medical malpractice cases between 8/29 and the beginning of November, so not a lot of time to get to Oxford!! We are already eons behind Xavier, UD, and UC in basketball and likely will never catch up. Pretty soon we will fall behind Wright State. I would hate to see it happen. But that is where we are headed. There is zero interest in mens BB. Something needs to be done. And people need to stop blaming Coles. What is done is done. Cooper is not the answer and never was. For what it is worth, I would love for Ryan Pedon to be named the next HC. Hope you are having a great summer!! Bruce
    July 2016
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