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  • MAC Play Predictions

    We beat a dismal Bowling Green squad and lose the other seven. We finish 2-10 with the most lopsided loss in Miami’s modern football era. Chuck Martin, having completely lost the locker room, again declares “the rebuild is complete” and has his contract extended by another year. Complacent younger alumni yawn and jointly declare: “”that’s who we are.”
  • Pick The Underdog 2017 - Week 4

    Kent +39.5 at Louisville
  • Miami vs UC Game Thread

    Seriously- did we just punt it away on 4th and 6 with 1:26 left?
  • Akron men at Miami Tuesday at 7 in Millett

    I avoided checking the score and watched the first half this morning - and then found out ESPN+ wasn’t interested in showing me the rest of the game. It quit streaming right after the Miami segment with Nike at halftime and refused to show me the second half. Maybe what’s they actually mean by Smart TV.
  • What Would You Remember?

    I think the model for bringing a program back from the doldrums was Randy Walker’s resurrection of Miami’s football fortunes after the downturn that started at the end of the Tim Rose era. Randy never won a MAC title but he restored pride, toughness and a sense of winning confidence. He beat a lot of OOC teams - several nationally ranked. He left after going 10-1 during a season where he beat UNC and was passed over for a bowl for the Tar Heels. That passover was probably due to Miami’s reputation for taking 500 people to bowl games each with a $20 bill that they don’t break. But Randy left the program in great shape in the hands of Hep. I’d trade everything we’ve seen in the past eight years for the Randy Walker era.
  • Heroes Day (Miami vs Akron) - Complimentary tickets

    Being a staunch Miami fan these days is in itself a selfless, heroic act. Glad to see this offering. We need all the heroes we can get as Miami fans! Love snd Honor!
  • MAC Champs!

    Miami field hockey is ranked #7 in the nation. Softball is receiving multiple votes for the Top 25. Women’s’ programs are rocking this season!
  • MAC Media Day

    Some impressions: The RedHawks have had a big chip placed on their shoulders by the predictions snd by having a lot of our first-line players virtually ignored. If they can channel it constructively it could be an interesting ride through the MAC. Dustin Fox seemed to think we’re the dark horse favorite. He said he thought we had a shot at wining some OOC games. I think he was hinting at Minnesota and Army.

    More: There’s a lot of Nick Saban in Sean Lewis. He’s focused like a laser. Tim Lester seems like a very low-key PJ…it’s all about winning while having fun in Kazoo. Dustin Crum, the national media’s pick for the MAC’s top QB, only had one FBS offer coming out of Grafton HS.

    Jacob Sirmon - at 6-5 and 240 with a huge arm - might be a game changer in Mt. Pleasant.

    And I’m looking forward to seeing the match between two Orange teams representing the rear guard of each of their conferences in Knoxville in week one.

    Do any other old guys on the board think Michael Reghi reminds them of Ted Baxter?
  • Why aren't we good?

    I’m finding it increasingly difficult to stay positively involved emotionally with a program I love dearly. I’m sure I’m not alone - probably a major part of who we only get 15,000 at Yager on a good day. I try to stay optimistic but the lack of real progress makes it very difficult.