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  • Questions For cajunman About The Ragin' Cajuns

    Thats some funny stuff right there !!!   

    1)Our pass defense has not been stellar.  Im sure your staff has seen it on film. Injuries to our best nose tackle has hobbled him.

    2) I dont think we have any trick plays nor have we even attempted one. I think.

    3)  I would not have a clue. But if you speak french, you stand a chance.

    4) Notta

    5) The Cajun militia provides security.  Even our grand ma's are armed.

    6) That has already occurred losing to App St in conference championship game. We started out 21-0 due to uncharacteristic self inflicted wounds.  We battled back to all most tie the game.

    P.s., we have high quality h2o lmao!!

  • Call Them La-La. They Frontin' With Their 3rd Name Change

    Greetings from Cajun Land!! We are looking forward to the game and hope all who are making the trip have a safe on.  I think after the game some here will have a different perspective.  Geaux Cajuns....
  • Call Them La-La. They Frontin' With Their 3rd Name Change

    Welcome Cajunman! I saw UL play at Coastal Carolina in early November and actually watched the fourth quarter in the stands with Levi Lewis’ dad. I have no doubt about the high quality of your football team and even told Mr. Lewis I thought either App State or Louisiana would be a big challenge for anyone in the MAC this year. At that stage I couldn’t have anticipated our RedHawks would be squaring off against Louisiana in a bowl. Our young team has improved throughout the season and I’m hoping we can give y’all a tussle worth sitting through. Looking forward to the smell of gumbo and etoufee in the Cajun tailgate area and hoping for some Acadian hospitality!

    Well, Mobile isnt the perfect place for authentic Cajun Food but its close enough.  We should have a good crowd make the trip but the date really stinks and will inhibit it some.    The waterboy  imagery seems to be a thing up north but trust me its only a  movie lol.  Oh and we dont like Lspoop at all so feel free to bad mouth them when you meet a Cajun Fan.  The strength of our team is our highly rated Offensive line and trio of running backs.  Lewis has his good days and average.  Basically, if ya ll shut down our running game we will be worried.    Look forward to meeting the fans of the real Miami.  
  • Miami vs. Louisiana Game Thread

    This pic says it all