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  • New Basketball Floor

    Relieved it doesn’t say Boiler Up.
    mollauttThe_Sackmankillgas20Bash_RiprockRe6H5wkredhawk11Mowchyanksalexskin66Nickskinand 4 others.
  • Miami vs Marshall 2018

    I like it.  That would get our students to the game, and would cut down on the Marshall fans that would attend. Win-win.

    Seems a specious assumption that any Marshall fans are gainfully employed -- or care about things like "graduating in less than 7 years -- and would otherwise have to miss work or class to attend an away game.
  • Ticket pricing

    First person I spoke with said I had to pay for the PSLs for each seat and make the required Red and White donation as in the past. In the past my required R&W donation covered both my hockey and football tickets. Second person said PSL cost but only one required Red and White donation as in the past. Third person said just the PSL cost with no required donation to Red and White.
    Seems like the rollout is going smoothly, as expected.  
  • Fire coach o

    It appears Miami is receiving a return that is commensurate with its non-existent investment in MBB.
  • Major League Baseball

    If you really think that a sport with an antitrust exemption and monopsony power that is heavily subsidized by state and local governments is a losing proposition for owners who leverage their team ownership to further enrich their other business ventures then I have some oceanfront property in Arizona to sell you.
  • Urban Meyer on paid administrative leave

    I was thinking the same thing. A Friday release was what many people were expecting. 

    HighSreet. Woof. Dr. Drake will do the right thing.
    If I’ve learned anything from Baylor, Michigan State and Penn State it’s that, when presented with an opportunity to do the right thing, institutions of higher learning that glorify athletics above all else usually do the exact opposite.
  • 2017 Basketball Recruiting

    We just offered 2017 6'4" PG Torrey Patton out of Trotwood Madison HS in Dayton

    Also offered at Duquesne and Akron (because we can't get enough of them on here): http://www.mydaytondailynews.com/sports/recruitment-heats-for-trotwood-patton/SnNPogHGr1UeLp09KQtQWJ/
  • Paul Harker files wrongful termination suit against Miami, Chuck Martin

    There was an amended complaint filed on March 2nd.  The claims were FMLA claims against Miami and the individual defendants (Sayler, Martin, Brockelbank).  Looks like Harker has added a sex/pregnancy discrimination claim against Miami in the amended complaint.   

    The individual defendants moved to dismiss the FMLA claims against them, and the Court granted the motion on April 12th.  So, it appears all that is left is FMLA and sex/pregnancy discrimination claims against Miami.  Chuck is no longer a  defendant, but I imagine he could still be deposed at some point (assuming no settlement) since he's a key witness still.    

    The parties submitted a joint discovery plan in early May which requested a delay in making initial disclosures to allow the parties to "discuss the possibility of resolving the case."  Unclear what happened though -- the parties had a initial scheduling conference on May 10th, and usually a scheduling order follows very shortly thereafter.  However, nothing has come across yet, which is odd in my experience.

    So, that's a long winded way of saying that both a lot and not much have happened.  
    Thanks for the very thorough response.
    No problem -- just let me know where to send the bill for the .3 hours I spent research and writing that.    
  • How investing in basketball can positively affect a University and surrounding businesses

    And maybe we should look at the type of players we had when we were winning and start recruiting those types of players again. Or at least some of them. I am not talking Wally or Harper, although that would be nice. I am talking the Hayes, Winbush, Mavunga, Pollitz twins, Bramos, Fletcher, Mason, Dierkers, Ballard, Peavy. Those type players. 
    The problem is the coaches not named Charlie Coles haven’t been able to develop anyone. Basically the players come in and never get better — or get worse in some cases. If you’re gonna succeed in the MAC you have to develop — we’ve sucked big time at that for almost a decade now.
  • Coronavirus Dashboard

    Also in the Washington Post today — testing the theory as to whether there’s really no such thing as bad publicity.