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  • An interesting take CHN

    A few thoughts...

    1) If the writer is going to speak for Miami, he at least needs to have a perfunctory quote from the team.

    2) OSU,scUM, et al, are not coming back, so any "name recognition" would be Lake St. and ^M. BUGS and Ferris are in contracts to play Miami anyway, and BUGS I know is indefinite. The other teams were always in the WCHA. Tell me those teams are going to bring in more students, who were barely in high school at the time Miami joined the NCHC.

    3) Is the travel that much better? Bemidji (15 hours), NMU (11 hours), Tech (13 hours), Mankato (12 hours). The problem with travel since the league started is all the New England non-league games that Miami for whatever reason scheduled. Don't cry poor when you voluntarily schedule home-and-homes with Maine, UMass-Lowell, New Hampshire and Providence.

    4) This is a MAJOR drop in competition, equivalent to dropping from the SEC in football to the ACC. Talking to Miami hockey players and coaches, I can tell you for an absolute fact that the league is a driving force for recruiting. Do you see Purdue dropping out of the Big 14 because it's had a bad run the past decade? 

    5) It would cost to drop out of the NCHC. Even if it was free it's a bad idea for the reasons above. To have to pay makes it a completely asinine idea.

    Bergeron will turn this program around. The worst thing to do at this time would be to drop of out the best college hockey conference in the world because of a bad half decade that had everything to do with bad recruiting and coaching and nothing to do with the league.
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  • Sweep CC.

    Miami's record in its last 15 games when it's going for its 10th win of a season: 0-13-2.
  • Drake basketball coach accused of covering up player-involved shooting

    No one can ever accuse Drake of being a poor shooting team again.
  • Hockey Non-Conference Schedule

    Bring back some old school Big Ten Home and Away - plus BG and WMU.
    It would be nice to see Miami play some national powers like NoDak, Duluth and Denver.

  • 7 schools to leave WCHA

    It's a HUGE factor in kids' decisions! This league is one of the best recruiting tools Miami has.

    There are tons of scouts that come out to see NCHC games because of the high level of play.

    I cringe every time I read about how Miami (and Western) should switch for geographic purposes and could be open to that.

    I especially cringe when I read it from Miami alums/fans who should know better.

    Miami is in the best college hockey league in the world, and yeah, the travel isn't ideal, and yeah, the team has struggled the past few years, but does anyone seriously believe that waving a white flag and dropping to a lower league over a couple of extra flights a year will fix this program?

    There are people who seriously believe, probably because they don't watch enough hockey, that Miami's struggles are the result of its shift to the NCHC. 

    We should be ECSTATIC that this window of suck has happened while Miami has been in this league. Miami's stock had never been higher when the NCHC was formed, and had Miami had to change conferences now, there's no way it  would've been included in such a power league playing the way it has the past five years.

    I just don't understand why for some reason some people don't like Miami being in the best D-1 conference in college hockey by far and want to shift to a lower-tier league over a bad five-year run.

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  • Sweep CC!!!

    The Bonk, Inc., crack stat staff has Williams as the first Miami goalie ever with a shutout weekend and also setting the consecutive shutout minutes streak.

    Williams 148:52 (2016)
    Reichard 141:41 (2009)
    Burleigh 136:05 (2003)

    Miami's only other shutout weekend was during Reichard's streak, but Knapp played the other game.
  • Our thoughts on the state of the program

  • MHT Mods > US Govt.

    So was this the mods' way of saying that thread had run its course, or did the COVID gods obliterate it because they're part of the cancel culture? 


    EDIT: Nm, didn't read TheChuck's Rules update. 
  • A petition to rename Columbus as “Flavortown”?

    Which is hilarious considering Columbus has the most chain restaurants of any city in the country.
  • 20-21 Schedule

    The relationship between OSU and Miami is better now. They're working on renewing the series in the future.