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  • Football Roster is Updated

    You want to see a perfect example of how trying to build a program based largely on JUCOS and transfers doesn't work? Look no further than Miami's basketball program!!!!!!
  • A New Great Miami Moment!

    I have been an avid Miami fan since my freshman year, 1983. And I can tell you last night will go down as one of the great moments in Miami history! A Tillitz TD, Penno three pointer moment! The celebration in the stands and on the field after the game was amazing! Players were stoked! Hand slapping, high fives, screaming and cheering. And that was just me and my just turned 12 year old daughter Celia! At one point we were cheering on the field with Renate Crawford, wife of Miami's President and the next congratulating JT Jones. It was a great moment I will never forget and best of all my daughter got to share it with me!!
  • Always Support the Players!!

    This goes without saying, but we should always support the players/team. No matter what we feel about the coaching staff and the ill advised comments the HC has made that have drawn derision from across the country. So Miami RedHawk players-WE ARE BEHIND YOU!! LOVE AND HONOR!!
  • Darrian Ringo leaving?

  • Kent State Cancelled

    OU v. Buffalo game just got cancelled. due to Covid issues with the OU team. Hey, we could play Buffalo again!! 
  • NYTimes article on beer at college football games

    The NYT research was done by someone who never attended a football game and doesn't drink beer!
  • Mediocrity-The New Status Quo?

    I am borrowing some of this from Joe and Alex, but they made excellent points and I think they need to be shared. In the last 14 years, much of it under Sayler, we have had 1 winning football season, only 1 win against a P5 team (Syracuse if you count them), only 2 bowl appearances, and only 1 bowl win. Pretty much the worst in the MAC over that time frame. Since Sayler took over the helm, we have been to 1 hockey tournament (lost first round), 0 NCAA basketball tournaments, 0 NITs (except the women under Megan), 1 CBI (first round loss), 0 MAC championships in football (until MAC East this year).  Other than perhaps women's volleyball, we have not had one consistently good team in any sport over the last 14 years. Not one. We have fired football coaches, hockey coach, mens basketball coach, womens basketball coaches. Yet, we are still mired in mediocrity (or the new status quo). We have a dwindling and largely apathetic fan base. And frankly, given the above, who can blame them. 

    I am tired of seeing performances like this past weekend in football and last night in basketball. And frankly, I am tired of seeing people apologize for this. Being a Miami fan is largely a joyless exercise. And let's be honest, there are very few of us left. Is the sky falling? I don't know. But what I do know is we have settled for mediocrity for so long, I fear it is the new status quo. 
  • Congratulations to Colleen Day and Jermaine Henderson!!

    Everyone please join me in congratulating a Miami Merger-Colleen Day and Jermaine Henderson married over the weekend!! Hopefully one day we will see them both back at Miami! Mazel Tov!! 

  • NCAA Coaching Carousel 2018

    I'm not saying to hire him. But I am suggesting it wouldn't be a bad idea to at least have Lance Guidry on the list of people to talk to. 21-12 at McNeese St as head coach. Again, not saying he is my choice. Just a name to throw in the mix. 
  • Heroes Day (Miami vs Akron) - Complimentary tickets

    First of all kudos to Miami for this promotion. These people deserve free tickets. But what about this poor schmuck who is driving in today so his daughter can have an official campus tour tomorrow, and then show our devoted fanhood by staying for the Akron game despite losing what little hair I have left watching our offensive playcalling last week. Where is the love for this poor bastard!!!