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  • I Have Restored MHT

    I just assumed we were hacked by one of Skins' truncated links.
  • Coaching Search

    Maybe offer Sendek the job and if he says no, then we can settle for the St Mary's coach.
  • Jive, what's up?

    Wow, that's definitely a kick to the groin. Even if Bahl had won the job outright, Ragland was going to be part of this offense and a valuable backup. Now we're looking at either a walk-on or a true freshman (coming off his own ACL injury I believe) as the primary back up. Neither of whom have played a down of college football. Ugh

    Ps. Hopefully Greggie gets it now

    Good news. We had a transfer QB from from UW Whitewater come in. Chuck's nephew actually. He might be a serviceable backup so we don't have to blow Noah's redshirt to come in for a play.
    Why bring in a QB from a D3 school when we have a club team that could probably beat all the D3 teams?
  • Elon's new Arena

    Lead donation was $9 million from the owner of Ryan Homes. Hopefully the arena was built to a higher quality standard than a Ryan Home.
  • Drugs Are Bad Mmmkay

    Just googled Brett Balick and he was the guy who called 911 back in October 2016 to report his roommate was shot during the infamous "we were just trying to buy a car on Craigslist" incident.
  • Ball State at Miami 7:00 Tuesday night on ESPN+

    Owens had some interesting comments on Ayah in the post game radio interview. Basically, he has good days where his knee allows him to play like he did tonight, but he has bad days where his knee limits what he can do. Owens tries to manage it day to day and use him as the knee allows.
  • Notre Dame thread

    If we can "win" the 2nd half, it may help us in the upcoming games.
    Might propel us to 5-2 in the moral victory standings.
  • A J Pierzynski

    Dick can spell this guys name right, but can't spell Todd "Frazure" correctly?
  • 2020 football schedule released

    Enjoy the home schedule this year because the next 3 years are brutal. Our OOC home games are:

    2021 - LIU
    2022 - Robert Morris
    2023 - Liberty

    That’s it.
  • Miami at BG Tuesday night at 7

    Credit to Coach Owens for making the refs re-review that play at the end of regulation after they looked at it for 10 minutes and couldn't get it right.  Crazy to think the clock operator and refs almost stole that game from us.  How the hell does the clock stop with a shot in the air like that???

    First time we have won 4 straight road games in 12 years.