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  • OSU Tailgate

    I'm placing an order of epic meats. Who is in?

    "epic"?  pfff... OSU's top 85 tailgates are better than yours.   This is a tailgate mismatch.
  • This Deserves its Own Thread

    What he tells reporters and what he tells his players may be very different things. 

    Publicly humiliate the team and then in the locker room say something else? - does that really even matter?

    Go broadcast to the world, and have it picked up by multiple media orgs, that you think your wife is ugly compared to the lady down the street while you and everybody else in town gets a good chuckle....  then when you get home tell her you think she is pretty.  

    See how that goes for you.  If you think that is a good strategy, then best of luck to you.
  • Roster Update

    who will kick field goals this season.

    Gus Ragland does not settle for field goals.

    Actually I would be fine if we never punted!!! If we ever have a 4th down, go for it!!

    OK, Coach Haywood!
  • 7 schools to leave WCHA

    So many small thinkers at Miami.  Its like some version of Stockholm Syndrome or something. 
  • Paul Harker files wrongful termination suit against Miami, Chuck Martin

    Well, he obviously had to know his contract wouldn't be renewed after missing 2 games in 2016, a bowl game, 3 weeks in peak training season that he leads, and then wants to take 9 more weeks all the way to June?  

    Snowflake generation?

  • 4 Questions

    4) Why do our coaches have to out think everything-

    Who in the world has Martin been "out thinking"??
  • This Deserves its Own Thread

    I've tried to be exceedingly patient, balanced, and reasonable about the constraints this program works under.  But this is beyond the pale.  If Chuck isn't even going to try to win this game, I'm not sure why he will be on the sideline this Saturday -- or for any other game after that.  
    Most coaches build their players up and take the blame for the team even if they don't deserve it.  There was a spotlight during Rams vs Saints game saying this very thing about Sean McVay falling on his sword for his players for losing Super Bowl even though they thought it wasn't necessary and the loss had nothing to do with coaching.

    Contrast with Martin who tears down his players, degrades them, and giggles and thinks he is witty and funny doing it.  Not the type of leader that resonates with Champions.
  • 7 schools to leave WCHA

    leaving the NCHC and all its benefits for a startup league would be a Brad Bates-type terrible decision.  TV, Prestige, Recruiting, all lost in a blink of an eye.  No way Saylor and the Miami Prez that flippin' stupid.

    How long you've been a Miami fan, bro?
    are you just a fan?  or have you left some actual sweat equity out there?
  • Info about athletic spending in MAC

    Blame 5-star Resort-like dormitories and amenities for students, cheap loans, and pressure for everybody to attend college for spiraling tuition costs. 

    And they didn't just raise the price of the student fee for athletics.  They knew the price when they accepted to attend college at Miami under their free will in a free market. 

    Do you same people complain about the price of your gym memberships AFTER you sign up too?  "OMG, I don't even use the stair-master!!!  Why do I have to pay to fix it!!  I knew that it was there when I signed up and that it was $39 a month to join, but now that I'm here, I just want to complain and moan and get others to feel sorry for me!!!!"  whaaaaaa

    Anybody who compares Chuck Martin to Randy Walker or Hoep is a fool.   Chuck is nowhere in the same league as those two.

    Randy Walker beat two Top 25 teams including the Big Ten Champions in 1995 and had Joe Paterno calling him asking him for advice that season.  Chuck Martin doesn't even have a winning record for FCS and has never beaten an OoC FBS team.  

    Comparing Chuck to Randy is an insult.
    =>Ad hominem attacks are made by those with arguments that cannot be backed up with raw data.

    The stats say otherwise.


    1) RW never won MAC in his 9 years at Miami. He was still a very good coach
    2) TH only won the MAC once in a truly magical year in his 6 years at Miami. He was still a very good.
    3) League records very similar for CM, TH, and RW.
    4) MOST IMPORTANTLY: If you were on MHT as long as I have been, you would have recognize that the VERY same complaints in posts about CM were made about RW and TH. ex. Can't win the MAC. Can't beat Marshall (insert UC now). Can't win OOC games (more on TH than RW). Has taken the program as far as he can go and another coach could take us farther. Can't get to a bowl game (stupid debate point given MAC only got 1 and then 2 bowl bids in RW and TH era). Stupid in game coaching decisions. Lack of accountabilty on the players. Good recruiter but lacks X & Os.

    Similarly, he also inherited a team from Tim Rose that was just as bad
    as the team Chuck got from Treadwell.  The Tim Rose team Walker
    inherited had 2 wins in 2 years.

    Coach Walk did beat Marshall - the best Marshall team they ever had. 
    Coach Walk beat the Big Ten Champs and a Top 20 Virginia Tech team.
    Coach Walk beat UC 5 times and 1 tie. 

    Coach Walk then was hired away and won the Big Ten at Northwestern while grooming their current Coach who has also been successful at a school with a history of struggling in their conference.

    Chuck Martin:  No winning record vs FCS, never beat a OoC FBS team.

    You are really arguing a comparison?  Cute use of Ad hominem...  but the facts and data are clearly there.