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  • Another great class!

    As the unofficial spokesman for the class of 2020...I promise we'll make hawk talk proud
  • 2017 Baseball Season

    Won the Joe Nuxhall classic today, beating Xavier in the championship after knocking off Wright State yesterday. Team appears to be turning a corner, now hopefully we can pick up some big conference wins.
  • Game 1: Butler (Saturday 11/10/18)

    Butler wrap-up of 10/28 exhibition win vs. Tiffin - CLICK HERE.
    Butler preview of 11/3 exhibition game vs. Southern Indiana - CLICK HERE.
    Butler wrap-up of 11/3 exhibition win vs. Southern Indiana - CLICK HERE.
    Let me know if anyone finds the wrap up of our exhibition win over Taylor last night! My irritation over the AD handling of mens and womens basketball is growing by the minute!! A few tweet posts and interviews by some student is NOT adequate promotion!! 

    Just so you know the coaches specifically requested no recap and not to release full details of either the men's or women's game. Not sure I necessarily get the reasoning behind that but that's the reason for the minimal coverage.
  • Game vs. CMU

    Student support was the best there has been for a game this year. Not as many as there were for the WMU game, but many of the ones who came were vocal and invested. They definitely did a good job getting into Keene's head; I can recall him turning and saying a few choice words towards the student section on multiple occasions and his frustration was evident.
  • Miami Business School - No Way...

    Ace, you are coming to the right place! You are going to have an amazing four years, and you will have a wealth of opportunities available to you when you're done.
    Thanks! I absolutely loved my visits to Oxford and can't wait for the fall to come and to be a part of the Miami community.
  • New coaches same result

    For 3/4 of that game we looked much better than last year. The freshmen are already better than the upperclassmen; we played our best ball when we had 5 newcomers on the floor.

    Interior defense was a bit soft, but I thought we pressured the ball pretty well on the perimeter.

    Coleman-Lands, Brown, and Bowman were all surprisingly good. Bowman almost singlehandedly brought us back at the end of the first and even buried a triple. Brown was outstanding in the second half but tweaked something in his leg, shouldn't be too serious. Oh, and Adaway had more highlight dunks in one game then I think we had all of last year.