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  • Away Games Wish List

    At Toledo would be awesome. We used to be in a conference with them. It would bring back a lot of nostalgia.
  • Shit Ton of Students 30 Mins B/f Bobkitty Tipoff

    =>Bribed with free shit it appears.

    Young people love free stuff!

    Hell, someone should run for office on that platform.

    ***ducks and runs for cover***

  • Plea from Chuck to Renew Tickets

    "Google my Youtube plea!"
  • Hockey Coaching Search Thread

    I talked to Dave Hakstol today. He said Saylor called him about the opening about 10 days ago. Hakstol told me he was not interested in any college opening, be it North Dakota, Michigan, or Miami.
  • Eastern Anyone?

    I went to the 2005 Miami at Eastern game with MUfan, RedskinSmitty, SlickSkillet, Big Ragu and a few others.  We tailgated a lot.  At the half, you were allowed to leave and re-enter, so we stocked up and headed back into the mostly empty stadium.  We were sitting with Yelnats49 at the 50 yard line, drinking cans of Miller Lite, and smoking cigars when an Eastern Michigan police officer walked up to our seats.  He just shook his head, asked us to put out our smokes and keep our beers low.  A prince of a man.

    That was also the night we post-game tailgated with "Miami Man," the dude that wears the Miami helmet with no face mask.  His stories were epically worrisome.  What a night.
  • Defiance College at Miami Monday at 5:30

    This was announced 4 hours before game time. It's about a 3 hour drive from Defiance to Oxford. Kind of a last minute decision here, though I'm assuming that's when the test results came back. Sucks, I was looking forward to this game.
    They were traveling down Ohio Route 66 to Oxford, but the continuing State championship street party in New Bremen blocked their passage and prevented their arrival.

  • Question for everyone:

    Ban Rudy.  He is a BU hockey troll.
  • Where is the problem with this team?

    I hate to think it, but could it be Nike?
    I find it unusual that a team ranked dead last in the conference can beat the #2 team without its top two (2) scorers (who are also the top 2 in rebounding as well). This just doesn’t add up. And it’s wasn’t as if NIU were resting players...their normal starters started and played the majority of the game.

    Something is very off somewhere with this team.
    Every team in the history of basketball has a leading scorer. But, leading a team in scoring doesn’t necessarily mean you are any good.
  • Fire Chuck Martin

    The guy is not a competent head coach if he doesn’t understand kicking a field goal with 3 1/2 minutes left to get you within a touchdown, especially with a defense that is playing well and three timeouts.

    Eh, it's a bowl game. No one kicks 17.5 yard field goals in a bowl game. Senior Center has to do his job.
    Most try to win bowl games.

  • MLB votes against Georgia

    Yank the Braves franchise out of Georgia so the voters down there don’t have to pay for a new stadium every 20 years.