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  • 2 Words to Describe This Season

    Time Out
  • Fire Chuck Martin

  • MAC football -- the re-MACTIONing

    The first confirmed US case was in November 2019. Wuhan is incredibly contagious with a Spread factor of R6. Each day an infected person will spread the virus to 6 other people. This was 5-6 months before a lockdown. This virus ran rampant through the world population before we were even counting test results. Locking down and contact tracing may have worked in November. This is now a political football in an election year so people can take pot shots at people they don’t like and plant seeds of doubt about leadership. Kids should be in school and the MAC should be playing sports. If the local pee wee program is practicing and playing, kids are In Elementary and secondary schools, Sweden is back to normal, its time to get going.
  • Miami v. Army Game Thread!

    “Army was just more athletic overall; in that league, Man, the kind of athletes they can recruit there, they are just recruiting a better athlete. And they just bring a certain physicality and spirit. It’s tough to come into a place like this and play. We had a good game plan and got out without getting too banged up. If you take back 5 plays in the first half we played them head up.”

    -Chuck first half press conference.
  • Who is Midway?

  • Spring Football 2019

    Hope we are better at cracking skulls than we are making dance videos.
  • The dave67 Memorial Word Association Thread

    The Warriors
  • Thoughts on the the RedHawks change

    To me, and many of my classmates, Redskins stood for and symbolized strength, intelligence, love, honor, dignity, and we were proud to associate with the tribe. The tribe was also proud to associate with us. Unfortunately some people have been taught that Redskins represents non-desirable traits and culture so the solution for their hate was to sanitize it. I am excited to see the heritage logos being used more and more. I would rather have the turtle on midfield than the silly winged M.

    OU selling tickets for 1.50 in honor of 150th year. Pushing hard for first MAC midweek sellout. This game tucked between ou Halloween and the real one has awesome all over it.
  • CM Postgame presser - Eastern loss

    Not fit to broadcast. A for effort. But should have called an audible.