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  • Prediction Thursday: Miami @ Army

    Army 49 - Miami 0
    17 Miami players get knocked out with torn ACLs from having to play mean ol' Army.  Chuck gets to say 'i told you so!' and is then hired to be head coach at Notre Dame. 
  • MAC football -- the re-MACTIONing

    If it agrees with my position, well researched.  If it doesn't, it's part of an agenda. 
  • Miami vs UC Game Thread

    The comeback?  This was a back and forth game.  It isn't like UC staged some furious multi-score comeback. 

    Miami just lost with an inexperienced Senior QB...and an inexperienced Frosh QB...and..etc. 

    However, Miami did not take advantage of the turnovers.  3 points off of 4 turnovers is nothing to hang your hat on. 
  • Future Roll Call

    It's decided.  Making the drive from DC this weekend.  I hope Bahl throws for 400 yards. 
  • When is FB back on campus?

    Over 125 million people live in Japan, many at population densities that make New York feel spacious. What the hell are you talking about?
    =>A nation of islands naturally restricts travel around the country and in an out of the nation. That makes it easier to contain.

    Compare to our nation, which stretches the length of the continent, travel from state to state is easy, and also has borders that span 1000s of miles.

    Those countries also have the built in advantage of not having very many dumb Americans not taking COVID seriously.  Tends to flatten the curve quicker.
  • Rest Of The Season...

    yes, but how does this relate to whether UC did or did not call the dogs off in the 2nd half?
  • UC Game Thread

    Losing to UC when they are a far better team isn't the bothersome part.  It's the stupid shit like a DOG before kickoff. 
  • Miami v. Army Game Thread!

    How'd the team do on the ACL front?
  • It's name, image, and likeness day

    elpalito--of course they're not the actually the minor leagues. 

    But as a practical matter colleges in effect are the training grounds for the NFL; kind of like the minor leagues.

    Players are also in effect getting paid if you look at the real value of what they're getting.

    So what's "the real value of what they're getting" you ask?  Consider what it would cost you to send your kiddie to Miami:

    If you're a millennial, Gen X,Z or Y and you haven't had to pay for your kid's schooling yet you'll have a rude awakening coming up some day soon. I've put three kids thru school and I'm telling you get ready. 

    This year based on the Miami "Cost of Attendance" figures for in state tuition, room and board and not counting books, special fees depending on your major plus travel your kiddie will cost you $31,600 to go. Now if you're like most of us an paying 35% or so in federal, state and local taxes you'll need $48,615 before taxes to pay for school.

    If you're from Indy or Chicago and out of state "Cost of Attendance" is $52,460. So...to pay for Jr's expense this year you'll have to earn about $80,707 to have enough left to send  your kiddie to Miami. 

    Now you have to dig into your pocket for somewhere around $48 to $81,000 to pay for you kid's pocket you might have a new perspective. There's value in that scholarship! It's worth a frickin' lot! 

    • According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers the average college grad's starting salary is about $50,000. Some more and some less like everything else.
    • What is US middle class income range?
    • Pew defines "middle class" as a person earning between two-thirds and twice the median American household income of $68,703 in 2019. That puts the base salary in the middle class just shy of $46,000. 

    No. I have not paid for my kid's college. 

    I paid for my own.  Working in dining halls.  Taking out loans.  Making less than $32k a year after graduating in 2003. 

    And yet I have no problem, bitterness, or any other negative feeling about a player being able to make money off of their own effort, likeness, popularity, or other skill.  I am not even sure what you're defending.  Absolutely no one is injured by athletes being able to do this.
  • Quarterbacks

    Maybe because neither has earned the job?

    I guess winning MAC freshman of the year and leading a team to a MAC championship doesn’t win you the job? Are you kidding?
    Did you just...question..Sackman?