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  • Purdue Fort Wayne

    Marquette game was memorable in both a good and bad way for me..I had injured my back lifting weights at Withrow and was watching Miami on TV at the frat house. When we won we all went crazy and one of the guys jumped up on my shoulders. They had to wheel me out on a dolly to the infirmary and I could hardly move for days due to muscle spasms. Hurt so good!
  • Worst College Football Stadiums #10 Yager

    That also was the year the NCAA reclassified the MAC as IAA for one season. (Due to attendance and/or stadium capacity as I recall) The league refused to acknowledge the lower classification and did not participate in the IAA playoffs. When BG and Miami played we were both ranked in the top 5 or so in the IAA national rankings. A little trivia for you all.

    The next season the MAC was re-certified as a IA conference.
  • Bowl????

    Well looks like we beat the MAC champ this year.
  • Fire Chuck Martin

    There are kids on our team that had P5 offers and to insinuate that he’d take all 85 OSU players before even one of his own is a disgrace and an affront to his entire team. On CBS Sportsline they were applauding Chuck’s wit and candor for this comment without one iota of consideration as to the impact on his own players. Pathetic and very telling about Chuck’s lack of loyalty.
  • Special message to video ref

    In the heat of the battle after we got royally screwed is not a great time for the grammar police to show up..geez.
  • Jalen Adaway

    Too bad Nike didn’t leave first w Jalen staying.....oh well.

    Feel badly for Mayer..his stats look lousy but he was robbed of at least two TD throws and another 100 yards of throwing yardage.
  • Miami at Eastern Michigan

    Dick, when I think of Rynearson Stadium I can’t get that 1985 game out of my head..... we were both at that rainy game when George Swarn ran for an NCAA best (at the time) 326 yards in the mud...I have never seen such a messy field in my life! Time for MU backs to live up to that tradition and run over the Hurons again!
  • What Would You Remember?

    To me winning the MAC was most critical when the league only had one bowl game. That’s one reason Bowl appearances eluded the Randy Walker era despite a spate of great OOC wins in his era. So in the decade of 1990-99, would I have traded maybe one or two OOC wins for a MAC title...yes.
    But now that anyone with a pulse gets a bowl bid and the MACC winner’s bowl is arguably equivalent to most of the rest, at this time and given Chuck’s penchant for making the proud Miami tradition of beating the likes of UC and also occasionally P5 squads obsolete, yes, I would favor a win or two over the likes of UC (especially) and schools like Minnesota and Army (vs. a MAC title).

    Not trying to convince anyone to agree with me, (and many won’t), but that’s how I see after following Miami football for 47 years. Naturally, it’d be ideal to beat a meaningful OOC opponent AND win the MAC. They are not mutually exclusive except in Chuck’s orbit.
  • Excellent Resource - Details of Every Game in Miami Football History

    The real greatest gathering of Miami football fans at a site outside of Oxford was in Evanston, IL in 2003 watching Big Ben and Miami demolish NW 44-14 in front of at least 8,000 Miami fans. Away side was a sea of red that day!