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  • Follett's is going out of business.

    Damn shame what's been happening to Uptown.
    Care to elaborate? Follett's had to leave their spot on High Street due to their lease not being renewed. Plus, said building has underground storage tanks that need to be removed when the building comes down, which will happen soon. Follett's is in competition with DuBois and Miami for spending $$$, so businesses will close... especially when they price Miami gear that isn't cheap and when they aren't reliant on college textbook dollars in this day and age. 

    I may be biased since I live in Oxford but Uptown is fine. The city certainly isn't freaking out over it judging from the weekly reports they put out as they are actively dealing with the owners of the old Follett's and the now shuttered 45 East/Attractions locations. I would prefer that there would be more sit-down type restaurants, but this is a college town in the middle of nowhere. I'll take what I can get. 
  • Whatever happened to Dodo?

    He's fine, just been busy worshiping his collection of wrestling singlets.

    I don't judge a man and his hobbies.
  • Expectations for the fall

    Matt: Where have you been?
    Witness protection program. The less said the better. 

    Unrelated, but my god the OSU fans are already insufferable.
  • PREDICTION THURSDAY: Buffalo vs. Miami

    Bulls in a route...Miami seems wounded until otherwise proven wrong.
    Which route are we talking about - 27, 73, 732, or 127? 
  • Info about athletic spending in MAC

    Hmph. What would Sledge know about the paper science program anyways
    Just enough to be dangerous. 
  • New Bremen to play for football State Title

    FWIW, no one has mentioned that the Offensive Coordinator/QB Coach for New Bremen is Wince Morris, a former Miami backup QB and 1992 Talawanda graduate who has also coached in the college ranks. . 
  • What happens after the virus? How will college FB change?

    Sure, if you want a school back in the MAC-  that the MAC kicked out in 1968, fine. https://web3.ncaa.org/lsdbi/search/miCaseView/report?id=101857

    If you also want that same school that was put on NCAA probation AGAIN in 2001, whose coach then said that being on probation was similar to the 1970 plane crash, fine. 

    If you want that same school that bugged the visiting team locker room, fine. 

    If you want that same school whose fans have thrown batteries and other objects at opposing team players, fine. 

    I don't want any part of it. 
  • Defiance game canceled

    => since the bellermine game has not been canceled, it was almost certain that it had to be under Defiance.

    Not so fast, chief.

    Oh FFS

    *not saying I disagree with the decision. Just frustrating.

    For added fun the Bellarmine release is pretty straight ff you read between the lines:

    "LOUISVILLE, Ky.—The Bellarmine University men's basketball program announced today that its scheduled game against Miami (Ohio) on Wednesday is being canceled due to COVID-19 related issues. 

    The Miami cancellation marks four straight games that the Knights have seen scuttled since playing their home opener on Dec. 9 against Chattanooga.

    "We wish the Miami program the best of luck going forward," said Bellarmine Coach Scott Davenport, adding that he and his staff are attempting to find a replacement game–home or away—for Wednesday.  The next scheduled game for Bellarmine is January 1 at home in Freedom Hall against Transylvania."
  • Football and Basketball-Winning Seasons!

    Not exactly something to be proud of, really.