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    Also, I don't think I saw a single ND student wearing face paint or body paint. How in the hell is that possible? I realize I was in the minority when it came to spending way too much money on body paint for football games... but it seems crazy that no one at Notre Dame would do that for a football game.

    Judging a fan base on weather or not they put on body paint is one of the strangest takes I've ever seen
  • 2016 Commit and Recruiting Thread

    I really like this class- love the OL depth that Miami is building. That is the #1 key to winning in the MAC (Strong OL Play)
  • The Goooooooooo Dayton Flyers thread

    First time poster- long time lurking

    We suck at basketball- our bigs are completely inept at blocking out. We had 3 or 4 just awful mind numbingly bad turnovers that could only be attributted to poor coaching. We were extremely lucky to be in the game at all because Miami has zero half court offense. Miami would let the shot clock expire and just chuck up awful three point attempts or sideways jump shots that by some grace of Charlie Coles were going in.

    At no point did I think Miami was going to win the game but I secretly hoped they would pull it out so I could imagine CC eating a Big Mac in Heaven smiling down at the Hawks on the court but it wasnt too be.

    Miami needs a complete rebuild of its basketball program from facilities on up- hopefully the current AD is working on it
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