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  • Injuries

    I could be wrong, but from what I've seen, read, etc. the offense has been better and more balanced without Gardner than with.  All Rags would do when Gardner was healthy is throw jumpballs to him and hope he comes down with it... completely looking off open receivers or backs in the process.  Assuming he even looked anywhere but Gardner from the beginning.
  • Blessing in Disguise

    As painful as this game was, I think this shows the team taking another step in the right direction... we won a game that we played horrible in.  We played horribly on offense and lost the turnover battle, yet still found a way to win.  This is not something we were capable or able to do in previous seasons.  

    Our offense needs to figure out what the heck they are doing, but kudos to the defense for a great effort.  
  • MIchigan State HC search

    Unless you are an unproven coach looking for a chance at the big stage, I wouldn't accept the job until NCAA hands down a ruling from its investigation.
  • Pick The Underdog 2019 Week 4

    Colorado +7.5 please
  • First Time Poster, Long Time Idiot

    I'm an idiot!  Chuck Martin told me so!

    I cannot believe David Sayler doesn't have the stones to fire this clown.  I will not be buying season tickets as long as that asshole is coaching Miami.

    The one question I would have for you is are you a current season ticket holder  and if so for how long?  The answer to that kind of validates you not buying tickets.  I certainly understand how you feel, but do not agree with abandoning the program and our players.
    Completely agree with you DICK.